Thursday, August 16, 2018

7 Quick Takes - Maybe I'll Catch Up

Linking up with Kelly ... from the July-August transition week!


Saturday was the conference swim meet that required some oatmeal-honey-PB-chocolate chip energy bites. E insisted on helping make them Friday evening. We made a batch with chia seeds and a batch without. They were pretty good even though they are full of honey - which I don't like - but all the kids do? I'm wondering if these would make a quick and easy alternative breakfast item so I'm still contemplating that.

Here's the meet recap... no need to rehash that. 

Sunday morning involved a pre-church 5 mile run which was great. Then church and then swim team EOY party. 


This week has been really slow in a lot of ways because there has not been a rat race to get to the pool for swim practice. Which was nice but I think I prefer staying busy rather than not. One morning we did go to the pool (hello morning off!) and we were there for about 20 minutes before we had to get out because of thunder : ( We tried waiting it out but no dice. 

Speaking of the pool, I've hit the pool twice this week - getting out of bed is such a drag - which was great. Speaking of waking up, any recommendations on long-lasting, fun kid alarm clocks? 


Tuesday was a birthday celebration! That involved

A. Making a cake with everyone's help

B. Me not cooking and us going to get Mexican food and E freaking out about tomato sauce on her burrito - we have got to branch out!

C. Eating cake
E insisted on decorating the sides and I finally had to cut her off!


I plowed through The Gospel Comes with a House Key and I haven't picked up either of the other two books I have - Not of this World: A Catholic Guide to Minimalism (because i need less stuff in my life) and Love Does. 

I'm leaning toward the minimalism book but it looks boring - because I judge books by their covers : ) 


A got his book bag for school this week 

He was very excited to have it in person and not trapped on the computer screen

I already put his C3PO Lego flashlight on it

He adores it and enjoys filling it up and carrying it around and he has even taken a rest with it. Now if  we can just get him in some big boy undies in the next few weeks that be amazing - I think he is super close as we have had lots of successes this week - we will see how the weekend goes.  


The weekend looks to be a soggy one. This weather we are having is a bummer (if you like sun) and I'm ready for a few more sticky summer evenings - the kind that make me want to screen in our front porch and back area. 

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