Friday, August 31, 2018

Let the Preschool Year Begin...

There was a Round One so here goes Round Two

M is in the 4 yr old class

Which means this is her last year of preschool - which kind of hurts my feelings a little bit

Her friend from up the street is in her class too plus a handful of kids from last year so it is going to be a fun year! I'm excited for her

I just can't 

What can I say... my boy is in the 2 yr old class!

He talks about going to Debbie's (not Mrs. Debbie... Debbie, we are working on the Mrs. part) class often eve though I think he's still really shy. He should see some of his friends from last year on the playground  which I know he'll like 

Our peeps! In between last week's and this week's pic R lost a tooth! Time you sure do fly.

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