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7QTs - Cheers to Chile

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It is worth mention to start from the beginning... 

My trip to Chile was for work - but there was lots of fun involved so when people asked why I was going I said it was work-ish. Work but with frills. It was a privilege to go becuase my boss gave me the green light and when he asked me this time last year if I wanted to go to Chile - I didn't half expect that he was serious. So when he was serious, I had to seriously ask Lee his thoughts on me going - for nine days. He's left for seven days before on definitely non-work / fun / doing his own thing - and not that I keep score because keeping score in marriage will only lead down a nasty rabbit hole. He agreed I couldn't pass up the chance though that was before he knew his mom would be gone for 6 of the 9 days. More on that later. So here I sat in the airport praying for a snow-free, sick-free nine days of adventure. 

Cathedral in Santiago 

View of the city at dinner the first night. 

Horseback riding views

Crazy cactus

Okay evidence that I was actually on a horse

This is the horse that I rode for the 2 hour ride but I texted it to Lee and he was like.... 'Ummmm... That is a donkey.' So I rode a donkey - not a horse but I was on a horse for a few minutes before they switched me. 


We went to a copper mine and toured the town (but not the actual mine itself) 

There was a diaster in the mine (I think in the 40s) and this was painting representing it. 

There was a bowling alley!

Crucifix in the church - with the head pointing toward the mine (not the typical direction)

Outside the church 


Blue pools of copper 



Wine tour and tasting

It was a fun time!

This is a chapel at the vineyard where the main final dinner was held 

It was gorgeous!


Food from the desert... After Santiago I was part of the group that went to the Atacama desert.

That hunk of meat!

Cactus flower ice cream!

Fries, onions, an egg, meat!


The desert.... 


Little lizard among the birds

I think we were above 13,000 ft and this was in the middle of desert and my only successful pano. 


Then we went to the geysers super early!

The geysers don't get very high because the attitude - I think we were close to 14,000 ft ? 

It was SUPER cold outside but I got in the hot spring with a small handfull of other people. I really wanted to chicken out and not go because the outside air was so cold - I was in a hat, coat and jean. But I did it because of this

In the middle of desert!


Then it was time to head home but not without a short layover in Santiago

It was such a fun trip. There was no snow while I was gone but there was a fair enough amount of sickness. Lee survived parenting (with the help of Jibbe) and the sickness (with the help of Grammy who came to the rescue on more than one occasion). 

I was so so so glad to be home to the crazy : )  

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