Friday, January 30, 2015

7QTs - While Papa's Away Edition

All the single parents out there... Props to you! Survived a week of sola parenting and makes me really appreciate my other half because the load was FULL this week.  #withhashtagsforeffect

--- 1 ---

Way to kick off the week with forgetting a coat. 

--- 2 ---

This girl... Oh yeah I said that last week!

When Papa's away what do we eat??? BLACK BEANS quesadillas/burritos... Me and my girls favs...

--- 3 ---

Oh Saturday... I could have used my husband's presence. 

How many times have I used a plunger? Either not enough or too much. I prefer the latter but the former would have helped.

The kids toilet needed plunging on Friday but I totally rocked that baby - 3 plunges and voila!

The kids use our toilet at times too. And we've I've had a lengthly discussion about THE NUMBER OF SQUARES! So plunging our bathroom was a total, epic fail. I believe I called Lee after the toilet was overflowing onto the floor.

Apparently when trying to unclog a toilet you cannot plunge, plunge, plunge - FLUSH unless there is significant downward water movement. Flushing too often = AWFUL.

I'd change a MILLION - yes a million stinky diapers before I'd elect to clean up that kind of bathroom mess again. Double washed everything.

Other situations in which Papa comes in really usefully.... When the Roomba spinny brush thingy doesn't spin and I try the protocol to fix and it DOESN'T!

Also, when I cannot figure out why I am freezing and the heat is on 68 (that's high around here). I realize that freezing air is coming down from upstairs. Oh the new thermostat doesn't work? My guess is it is in the low 50s up there. Sooooo... close the doors and hope for the best


Oh back to Saturday... a grocery store in town had Boston Butts on sale (like half off) and those just happen to be what is used for the parish sausage fundraiser. And there will be a sausage making sesh coming up. I preordered... ehem... 60 butts. Why did I have to pick them up sola with the kiddos in tow? Because we have the parish freezers in our garage.

Oh and then I loaded them into the freezers... Wish I could have taken the meat counter guy who loaded them up for me.

It was 5:22 when we were leaving the parking lot and I'm thinking to myself why in the WORLD did I not get dinner prepped BEFORE we left. Good thing those meatballs take 15 min to cook.

Survived a sola bathe-ing of three...  three times for the duration of the papa-exile. The second bathe-ing session M was BEYOND messy so I got her fully prepped for the tub at her chair to cut down on the crumbs BUT


Diaper removal resulted in a bigger ehem... preventable mess had I just looked in the diaper before I took it off!!! Always check diaper or a repeat of Saturday AM will occur : (

--- 4 ---

Oh Sunday... Most epic mad dash to church EVER... Not a good sign when I wake up to M on the monitor and look at the clock and see 6:39. What time are we supposed to leave? Hmmm... 6:45... Breathe, breathe... Outta the garage by 7:01. #yepiamarockstar

Rocked dinner out too

Chicken noodle casserole.

If you have read the blog much you'll probably know that Lee's alittle bit of a foodie. He is adamantly against casseroles.

In principle.
Because when he was growing up (a century ago) the casseroles tasted bad.


We'll when Papa's away (and not cooking because he cooks because he rocks like that) Mama makes 4 ingredient chicken noodle casserole. And it was a huge hit.

E - I LOVE this chicken noodle casserole
Me - Good
E - We need to make it for Papa
Me - Well you'll have to convince to eat it
E - Just put it on his plate
Me - mmmm... doesn't work like that for Papa at least


--- 5 ---

E decided to take her rosary for show and tell. 

After asking her if she was ***REALLY sure she wanted to take it and what was she going to talk about and seriously? Hail Marys? Mysteries? 

My first thought... Oh gosh she is going to get kicked out of her baptist preschool. : ) except #ecumenisminpreschool

Taco boats for dinner... Yep they were great. 

Do you see the 15 minute meal pattern going on : )


--- 6 ---

Who am I? Getting snack drinks ready for school the night before? 

Can we discuss how easy leftovers are? We had leftovers twice because the girls combined really only eat a portion for one


--- 7 ---

The girls have been FaceTiming Papa like crazy. It is so funny. E always gets an update on the food he has eaten - a child after her papa's heart. R just briefly speaks but mostly just wants to look at the screen. M is so confused but enjoys holding the phone.

Outside of me, I think there are 3 little people who cannot wait for their papa to be home for lunch today. 

Oh and it was Wacky Wednesday for W week in the 4 yr old room. E LOVES LOVES LOVES theme days. When I dropped her off the teacher to the effect - "good think mom's in town this week." #validation


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