Friday, January 31, 2020

7 Quick Takes - 5th children, Charleston, Polka Dots

Linking up with Kelly ... first quick takes of 2020 and fourth post of January


Last week Lee, me and J went to Charleston for a work trip for me. It was a quick trip but a nice little getaway. We got bumped up to the concierge floor and the She-crab soup that was available on Monday afternoon was insane. INSANE

G&G and Jibbe held down the fort with kids so couldn't have done it without them!


Before Charleston was the second (and last) home swim meet of the season 

It was a pretty wild day that involved running 10 miles, going to the swim meet and doing a drive-by at the house to get Papa and the non-swimmers to go to church. Busy times. But the girls had fun at the meet and we won't be going to another one until March so it was definitely worth it. J was a good little 'running' companion as we worked the meet. 


This week was Catholic Schools Week

We love our school and it was probably 5 years ago that there was so much anxiety over schooling decisions and I really do believe we are in the best place for our family - which is the most important thing for every family. This day was polka dot day and E and M go do-a-dotted and R opted for a polka dot bow. 


Preschool mornings...

A, M and J and me have a strange window between big school drop off and preschool start. During the warmer weather we usually run later(ish) because I'm usually talking but during the winter that's not much of an option sooooo... we have more time to kill and the most optimal parking spots at preschool are taken (after nine years I still don't have my own assigned parking spot - this week marks our family's nine year anniversary! - all the gasps!!!!!!!) so we started going to the (retention) pond just to get out and stretch our legs and put on coats and collect flowers and scream at the school buses passing. It reminds me of things I would do with fewer kids so I'm glad we are being afforded the (cold) opportunities now. The kids look forward to 'seeing the water' every day!


Last Friday the big girls and J and me went to Uncle Kev and Nicole's engagement party

It was loads of fun with lots of food and a huge Jenga game. September or bust


J's still enjoying the tree and the lights. 


I took all the ornaments off it last week so now it is just tree and lights which is a personal favorite of mine. I guess we'll take the tree down this weekend because it is Candlemas and February. The tree has had a great run and I can still smell it at times. Definitely ready for a break from it though and ready for all the Christmas boxes to get back into storage. 

Speaking of storage, we had plans drawn up for 'want' plans to our house. Turns out the 'want' plans are more than we paid for our house so we are bummed. But there's nothing wrong with not getting exactly what you want. Lee convinced me to just go see what is out there even though I have no intention of moving. Last week we walked through two houses, one I would definitely move for but the price is in the clouds expensive and the other house was a mess. There were at least 7-10 different surface types/colors on the floors and countertops. We were basically dared to put in an offer on the house I'd move for so we'll see if we can just get the door slammed in our faces on that and put an end to it. 


Sweet baby J!

I love him so so so much. He's four months old and quite the chatter and sleeper. He hates having any form of blanket on his legs at night which does not work well for me because I'm usually cold. His siblings adore him. 

And speaking of siblings... how about kid number five. Talked to two moms today who said their kid number five is a firecracker and wild card and pushes all the parenting buttons we aren't used to. Definitely glad I'm not the only one who is kept on my toes with their fifth kid and definitely appreciate the preschool village of moms who can commiserate relate. 

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