Saturday, May 2, 2020

7QTs - Completely Clear Calendars (in May)

Linking up with Kelly ... it has been 7 weeks... 


Week seven. 49 days of Corona-tine. 

I think the dashboard in the van pretty much summed up my feelings generally for the week. All the warning lights flashing and not much to be done except buckle up and power through. The kids whininess and their need (and understandably) for help with school work was a rough one. I really just need all the school stuff to be done. 

Fortunately Lee comes home to a house that looks like a bomb went off and starts in the kitchen and works his way back in the clean up department. By the time 4-4:30 rolls around I have just about no ounces of anything left for cleaning up. Yes the kids do help but usually there's always dishes to be washed or crumbs to be wiped or dirt particles to be vacuumed. 



C continues to live out her days to the fullest: 

They involving exchanging video messages with her dog-cousin Wayne who she shares striking commonalities with. This week's video exchange provided some much needed humor. Wayne said told he got in trouble for chewing things. Well this week C 

1. While on our morning walk picked up rocks from our neighbors' driveway and put them in her mouth?!!?!? and only took them out when scolded 

2. Stuffed the last 3-5 strawberries in her mouth - so A couldn't eat them. Leafy tops and all

I promise I don't make this stuff up.


I know what you are thinking... 

No they didn't jump in the puddle in the ditch but I bet they would have. The weather this week has been oddly cool. I don't think we have turned on the air or heat in weeks. Our power bill was nearly identical the past 2 months so hopefully we will go for another month of low-ish bills. 

Lee always takes/picks/chooses the worst weather day as his stay-at-home day with the kids which means very little outside time - I don't envy his position for sure. 


I don't think I need to say more!

Love him. Love him. Love him. 

J and I went on a blind date this week. A blind date with his/our family's (new) pediatrician. It was weird. It was highly anticipated because I/we adored our (old) pediatrician. It caused a huge quandary because 9 days out of 10 you probably don't think about your kid's doctor - until you do or until you need something or you go to the pediatrician 55 million times in a month. Then you care... a whole lot. Anyways we survived and we are going back. 


Injury Report: 

Nothing major in the injury reportage this week. Just your basic run of the mill falls and cuts and scrapes. A got a fresh one on his elbow. The girls and I trekked up to play soccer tonight and I freaking pulled my quad on the first kick of the game. Playing thru it now vs in high school is basically impossible or will cause further insult to injury. Getting old is the pits. 


The Puzzle Report:

Another puzzle in the books. Another bare wall filled. I love this puzzle. E said that I could hang it up in our room which I where I was planning on putting it whether she liked it or not. I do need to find a puzzle that she wants in her and R's room. 

I need to print some wedding pics and a few others and just play the waiting game so I can get Lee to get his hammer and level out and decorate! It is his FAVORITE! 


Thoughts on the week...  

M and A had social Zoom meetings this week. It was sweet. M was super happy to socialize. A, well, he clammed up - but we have high hopes for next week's meeting. 

As we begin the month of May it is definitely cause for a pause. May is always suuuuuper busy. I used to dread it but I came to embrace the crazy. Everything is ending and everything happens all at once. Lee is super crazy busy. 

But then Corona happened sooo.... 

Nothing is happening. No end of year activities, programs, soccer games, swim practices, AHG. We should be heading up to Virginia this weekend for a choir competition for E. That was bound to be wild because R, M, A&C should have had soccer games and I would have been coaching two of them and I would have needed to get a sitter for them. Plus I was going to try and figure out a way to ride roller coasters with E at Busch Gardens so that mean J would have needed tending to as well. But all that's not happening. 

Next weekend we should have been having a massive 10th bday party for E. I told her could have a party with all the friends (which we don't do). She was going to have a Rip and Dip inflatable water slide and Chik Fil A. It was going to be a big deal. Then on Mothers Day we would have gone to Duck Donuts to get her bday breakfast after church. 

Then there should have been a smattering of everything happening at school. Teacher Appreciation Week, Field Day, end of year parties and programs. I remember our last few Mays (2019, 2017) and I while I have come to appreciate a slower pace I think I'd like to be hustling around rather than having an absolutely empty May. 

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