Saturday, March 27, 2021

Quick Takes - Stomach Bug, Green and Pascha

Linking up with Kelly ... for almost Holy Week


I believe I left off with the stomach bug. Ultimately everyone got it - including Lee. It hit him Friday night late and he didn’t get out of bed until Sunday morning. So the Stomach Bug of 2021 will go down in the books as something that got us all - not even Lee’s Flu of 2019 and the 2017 Flu can say that. So contagious you’d think it might be covid - I’ve been dared to get an antibody test but I’m not convinced.

But the Stomach Bug of 2021 didn’t end with Lee. It had the final word with R - a full week after she had been sick and four days after she was seemingly over it. She had been to school and swim all week but she wasn’t right. She was tired and her position of one of the better eaters in the house had been moved. Thursday when I got home from work - they had a half day - Lee said she would eat and she was in bed. We were ready to have R back to normal so I called the dr and went there and then we got sent to the ER to check for stomach ulcer or appendicitis - which it was neither. After a bag and a half of fluid and and ultrasound and MRI - and no I haven’t seen the hospital bill yet - we were on our way home. Not without a stop for milkshakes and chicken nuggets at 11:30 pm. Thankful it was dehydration but amazed what that can do to a kid and tucking this experience away in the I wonder what I could have done differently file.

St Patrick’s Day came and went. A won the kid who was totally into all the green possible. Lee cooked an Irish feast for take away fundraiser meal for the girls school which was a big success. 

The kids got the scraps of a few leftovers desserts - which was a Lent treat - and Lee picked up burgers because he won’t eat what he spent days and hours prepping. We also splurged and did burger pick up this week for Annunciation so that was a treat after we did vespers here. 

It’s hard to believe Holy Week is upon us. Covid kept us from all church services last year and this year I wish we were returning to our pre covid church arrangements but we aren’t for a variety of reasons

It will be strange but not a weird as last year I assume. 


Somehow J turned 18 months yesterday 

Two boys who need Pascha haircuts...

And if he keeps up not walking he won’t own a pair of jeans without holes in the knees


Progress on the house is going well. February it seemed liked nothing would be done because it was perpetually wet and we could do anything to keep the pier holes free from water. 

Sand pile fun pre nails

They ended up pouring them late on Friday afternoon after a day of sun and then it rained again that weekend but the concrete held of course. 

On the slate for next week is removing the wall between the existing mud room/laundry room and the addition. Fortunately we should be able to use the washer and dryer in the new laundry room because I told them I can’t be without for several weeks and fortunately we only do wash on the weekends and fortunately we’ve been through the stomach three weeks ago so we shouldn’t need to wash unexpected laundry at all days and hours of the night.

It’s neat walk through and it’s finally feeling more real. I’m excited for the kids library/study room the most I think. We added a bay window at the last minute and it’s going to be a quiet hideaway space for reading and homeworking and entrance will not be open to everyone : ) 


A and C have been entertained by the geese in the pond by school. They feed them whatever snacks scraps they can find and scream with delight as the stale goldfish and crackers are eaten. It provides just enough entertainment to pass the minutes between big school drop off and preschool drop off.



Lee and I have been rewatching Downton Abbey on prime on the weekends. We are nearing the end of season three which I when I gave up on the show when it was airing. Hopefully I’ll power through to four. We aren’t much show enthusiasts - he’ll watch Chopped or Lydia with the girls and we watch Bringing up Bates with the kids - but past that we really don’t tune in or record anything. Summer is upon us so I doubt we will get into a new show because he’ll be getting home later and later and be less inclined to stay up to watch anything.

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