Saturday, September 25, 2021

7QTs - All the September Things

Linking up with Kelly ... Still working on my 7 different updates posts but here's to September


E swam in another open water meet

It was a 3K this time instead of 2 like in the summer. She was worried about not finishing in the alloted time - but she did (and didn't come in last either!)


That same day (our schedule was messed up because we were dealing with the stomach bug - which reared its ugly head every 2-3 days so we thought we were out of it and then someone else would get sick - fortunately this time Lee and I were spared) I took A and H for hand and foot painting traditions.

Baby footprints and Kindergarten handprints. We'll see how they turn out


Trail Life and AHG started... 

A was super concerned his Papa wasn't there and ALL the other little boys had their dads there so 

The following week I stayed home and did fun normal little kid things - like taking a bath. J and C are cheated out of lots of bath time because normally we have zero time for that so they splurged and had a half and hour plus bath!


H is going to be 2 months this week!

She's pretty stinking cute and will sleep for some long stretches at night!


Can we talk about this guy!

He's going to be 2 tomorrow!

He's very into all things trucks so when the tractor was plowing the field at the end of the street we HAD to check it out


Soccer started last weekend. R, M and C all scored goals in their games. Cs team of 3-4 girls is so funny. Some are in the zone and other are checked out and other refuse to play (looking at you Lady C) 


R's team got put in our place with a 6-1 loss. That was tough to coach

M's team had a competitive game but emotions got the best of us in the loss. Life lessons people. That is why we play sports - or at least one of them. 

I didn't see As game because it was at the same time as C's but he said he had fun and Lee said he almost scored. 


History repeated itself... 

Another Kibbe broken arm. It is strange because I was doing the EXACT same thing 12 weeks to the day to the minute. Taking a kid who fell to get an xray of their left arm. Break was in a different spot and E has got a pretty light blue cast instead of a sling. NO more soccer for E for a least a month 

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