Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Future Voters

Among other afternoon shenanigans including driving out of the way to check on the cows and horses (more on that) We voted.

No matter who you vote so as long as you are an informed voter, voting one time - go vote and voice your opinion. If you don't vote, you cannot complain about political issues, taxes, services etc etc

Now back to the cows and horses. We go by fields with cows and horses in the mornings on the way to school and I always point out the Moo Cows and the horses to E. This week the cows have been MIA so I told E 'the cows must be on the barn'. In the afternoons when she does not see the cows she say 'must be in the barn'. Oh and her new fav book Big Red Barn. Whenever we get in the car she asks if we are going to see the moo cows and because of my errands I decided to detour home to see if we could find this elusive barn where the cows have been kicking it the past few days. Turns out there is no barn, they are just in a different field... Now I wonder what E will tell me tomorrow am.

She gives me a good chuckle every day.

She won't touch flowers now because I gave her a dandelion on a walk one afternoon and there was an isty spider in the center! Oooops totally my bad!

Also we saw a toad/frog/amphibious creature on the sidewalk up to our house and seriously everyday she goes to the spot and says no frog, no toad... I am hoping it will resurface just so I can see how she reacts!

Love her and R too especially since last night she slept from 9-6 - awesome... We will see how tonight goes

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