Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Whoa What a Day!!!

Just some insight into my more than normally crazy day...

6:30 am - Lee wakes me up ob his way out. Fortunately the coffee has been preset which I need to go do for tomorrow... Okay I'm back... Took shower generally morning wake up

7 - get E moving for the day. Get myself and E dressed and fed - not in that order.

7:45 - Get R up who is still asleep from her 4 am feeding. Yes she is in the crib now and she seems to be taking to it! Feed R. Get snacks for E. Pray upstairs in the chapel which is a small feat just getting up and down the stairs...

8:17 - shouting focus focus with E around the house as we try and get out the door.

8:35 - Swimworld... Coloring, pay a bill

9:15 - sticker bank. Love it that E still shouts no money, no money even when we actually do have money and can go to the bank. Drop her off at MMO following the bank.

9:50 - Car to Ford to have tires replaced and rotors ground. Yet another expense!!!

10 - Back at Swimworld. Get R in the beco, work work, work. Time to leave and E which complicated because I don't have carrier snap base in Jibbes car.

12:45 - PBJ per E's request. Changes dress after water spill due to big girl cup.

1:30 - discover that work email is messed up!!! Mess around in the kitchen and laundry while trying to figure out what in the world with the email. Talk to R about how she never gets a word in when E is around - love talking with her. She is insanely cute!

3:30 - Try and figure out when I will get my car back. Ford tells me about more issues! Not what I need!!!

4:20 - take girls to meet BFFs at City Lake. Oh it's insanely hot...

6:00 - deliver Jibbe to church since my car won't be ready until tomorrow.

6:20 - Get home, feed E, eat, get food for Jibbe, change 3 diapers, get E in pajamas

6:45 - leave to retrieve Jibbe at 7

7:10 - set up shop to get more work done.

8:45 - R is mad she is not in her bed

9:15 - Deliver Jibbe home, get home, watch the end of the Braves game...

Love life, even on the insanely crazy days....

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