Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nightly Musings...

1. Ordination Announcements - soon to be check

2. Thank you notes from Rs baptism and Es bday - not check but making progress

3. E loves her Abby-pail (Abigail) book she got from her friend E for her bday. Check them out at Hallmark - the interactive story buddy. It has replaced Big Red Barn as the nightly staple at story time.

4. Call me crazy but I am seriously considering giving cloth diapers a whirl. Maybe not so much with E but def with R. I am still learning but just dropped another $40 on diapers yesterday for her and I am just generally annoyed with diapers. Maybe because E is fighting the potty and I am channeling my frustration away from her and instead on all diapers? I don't know... Someone convince me - cloth or disposable!!!

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