Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monthly Update - April Part One

Okay I am throwing in the towel on trying to keep the girls updates going each month so we'll give family monthly family updates for the time being and see how that works... So here goes April

The first week of April was consumed with churchly activities I think we were at church Palm Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - which is alot especially for the girls. They did surprisingly well but I had low expectations but good times. That Saturday is when Grammy and the girls and I trekked to the library for storytime. It was fun but the Rapper on the Bus song still strikes me as odd. Wheels on the Bus is what we sing around here - I guess that's what you get for living the country! We had a great Pascha/Easter with my family and E and Uncle Kevin had a big time! E loved her basket. R well could have cared less though she is thoroughly enjoying her gas drops that came in the basket : )

Jibbe came by during Bright Week to give E a basket.

April has brought on a newfound attitude to food. E's 'I don't like it' before even trying the food has left her tummy .5 empty some nights but I am not a short order chef and she will learn to eat what is served. I do make sure she consumes something of substance before bed but on nights when dessert is offered and she does not eat... No dessert for sure.

R is growing like a little weed - well I think more like a carrot because her hair stands up like a carrot growing out of the ground : ) She can be quite the talker but want 100% attention before she will starting cooing. When is E around forget it. R has really good head control and I think was 12 lbs when we went for the 2 month check up. She is not a super fan of tummy time. She LOVES her swing. Best place for afternoon naps.

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