Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monthly Update - April Part Two

All you have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ!

Let's see Papa has been insanely busy with work and the girls miss him but 'tis the pool season. Speaking of the weather it has been nice. We try and go outside in the afternoons. E loves going outside at school too. She always asks about the Moo Cows and horses on the way to school as well as the firestation. We have ventured out to the field where the cows hang out but E just wants to 'roll the window' and not get out.  There is nothing that she can't say. She is really into days of the week. She does not like it if I tell her the word in Spanish and she knows the word in English. Example: When we read Big Red Barn she loves to point out the butterflies which are mariposas in Spanish - she is ready to battled over the butterflies. It is hilarious.

BFF 1.0

BFF 2.0

The girls and I went down to Pinehurst for a good friend's ordination to be a deacon - who also happens to be R's Godfather. Saw a bunch of friends from UNC which was great. 

Not long after that we went to one of E's friends funeral - (a very good friend of mine's child). So now E has a friend in heaven. It has definitely changed my perspective a bit. Stop and tell your kids you love them - often. Please pray for little baby N and his sweet parents.

The Godfather - well R's Godfather

E went to Nani's son's birthday party. She definitely did not know what to make of the pinata (sorry don't know how to make the special Spanish n). She loved the cake though. R had a big time too!

Biggest highlight of the month was R was initiated into the Church! The sacramental trifecta! We had a big time at church that Sunday.

Ni Hao Yall

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  1. Okay I'm so behind on your life - but congrats! Wish we could have been there as we were for E's! Best of luck to Lee as well - do let us know when the date is set!