Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seven QTs - Coffee, Hair Trims and Bookbags

Whoa… I have not done one of these in a while….

--- 1 ---

Yeah last week was kind of a bust - for no good reason. By Friday morning before 9 am I spent $10 on 14 Dunkin Hazelnut k-cup and I didn't even care - seriously what's wrong with me - oh and then I proceeded to down two k-cups at the office after drinking a cup of coffee at home. 

A cup of coffee a day per kid? I'm behind on rationing myself a third cup… 

--- 2 ---

Friday night we headed to Raleigh-world for a weekend with my parents - sometimes I think we should just get an apartment to live in on the weekends and then I realize that would be an awful idea. 

Late Friday night E was complaining of an ear ache and at 11:45 I was sure she had an ear infection and would totally turn Saturday's plans upside down - but then she woke up fine. 

First up Saturday was a bebe shower. Who does not love a good baby shower? Well this baby girl got showered on so so so much. It was great and she got tons of cute/fancy handmade hairbands. Excellent girl baby shower activity! E and R came with Grammy when it was time for the shower to start. They did well. Obviously the cake was a serious highpoint and as well as the several bowls full of candy on hand and eye level that I gave into often were also fantastic. 

--- 3 ---

Then it was off to haircuts (which is why they are still in their nice party dresses)… No no hair TRIMS E repeatedly said. It was the first time either one of them had their hair cut. E was super not excited about it but got through it when she realized it did not hurt and mama could not get more than the bare minimum taken off just so it would be even.

R is at that crazy funny 2 yr old stage and I love it! Tonight she pitter-pattered up and down the hall checking on E who was in the bathroom and giving Papa reports about her status that he could not quite understand

No I did not save either of their hair from the first cut. I have ENTIRELY too many other things that clutter my life and I cannot have one more thing! See #4

Then we hit up school shoes after stopping by to visit M and Papa and company… I don't like buying new shoes especially for kids who are rough and tough on them but I give into new ones for a new school year. I told E before we walked in that I had all veto powers over every single pair of shoes. Let's just say the $55 pair of neon light up shoes stayed on the shelf. (Bring on the commentary Nani : )

Saturday night at my parents was great - dinner, wine, mint chocolate Dove candies. We found a house to buy that is insanely massive so that my parents and Lee's mom don't have to move into retirement home (aka 'being put out to pasture' - Grammy's words not mine!). Everyone would have their own space. We could have set days for dinner gatherings. We could basically have our own mini-commune with me in charge of laundry and Grammy in charge of dessert.

--- 4 ---

Toying with the idea of a one toy rule at Christmas… One toy/one outfit (shoes, bathing suits, socks, parkas, dresses… whatever) /one (set of) book… Any other toys I reserve the right to leave them at the house who gave them so that the girls can play with them there? Okay that sounds super super meany. But the house is FULL of toys…. Maybe I just need to be better organized...

Why does it take kids 5 minutes to make a mess and 45 minutes to clean it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was running around the house to get the house semi-not-disasterous and get teeth brushed, pjs in the wash, clothes on, toys put away (kinda) and Lee was leaving for work:

Lee - Are you ready for another body?
Me - Errrr… You mean ready for another soul?

Kinda changes the perspective on things when you think about the eternal rather than the temporal, no? 

--- 5 ---
R's 'booook-baaag' came yesterday...

She loves it. And proceeded to tell Grammy all about it. And yes the speakerphone light on the phone is on so that I can decipher R's part of the conversation and relay it to those on the other line.

--- 6 ---

How about this kid? I'm trying to entertain her with just about anything to keep her out of MMO. I cannot stand it. I cannot believe she's 9.5 month old. It makes me sad that she's so big and not a teeny baby. Don't get me wrong I love my sleep-filled nights it just hurts my feelings that she won't be a work with my much longer (it hurts my bank account too!). Nani and I almost had a moment over it. 

With E I knew I needed to cut the cord and my half day daycare option was the happiest, livable medium for us - not full time working mom and not full time stay at home. So I was anxious to try MMO out - and then I cried like a baby the first day I left her. 

With R, she was so loud and not a great morning napper so I was kind of ready for her to go to MMO because I knew she needed the stimulation. 

With M, she still takes a great morning nap and she's super quiet but she's just a squirmy worm before and after nap so it is time. I'm just not ready...

--- 7 ---

Here's to sprinklers and water slides and sandboxes for a few more weeks of warm, humid, muggy weather...

Just not for M… yet

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  1. Ahhhh!!! Thats whta I want. The commune nana and my folks and angelos folks and avoid the "pasturing".... I love love that idea. Ugh...

    1. Remember that 30 acres that you and Nano were laughing about… the acres I wanted to buy without even knowing anything about it? #rockymountcommune ?

  2. I so love your take on another soul versus another body.

    1. : ) Normally I would keep those kinds of comments to ourselves but it was a bit too good to not share!

  3. Our relatives are actually pretty good about asking us what we think the kids would want and sticking to that sort of thing, and even then it ends up crazy! I have to rotate the toys and keep probably 80% of them in storage at all times to keep things from becoming a total mess all the time. It's a little bit ridiculous...

    1. 80%???? I don't have time (or patience to rotate toys) Our toys are rotated when the girls don't clean them up and then the toys are exiled for a week or two and then they get them back!