Thursday, August 7, 2014

Theme Thursday - Panic

We hit the tape hard last week for Papa's birthday presents and totally ran out of scotch tape. And the girls have a birthday party to go to today so circa 6 am this morning I was THRILLED to find another roll. Because you know even though I've known we needed tape for 5 days... I did not get any. 

So we gathered around the table for a ceremonial present wrapping a good 7 minutes before we needed to leave the house - because that's how we roll here. But here's the thing the new roll of scotch tape had been started and not turned over upon last use, which means you and pick and pick and pick at it and it WON'T start... So in my tape panic I used Heavy Duty clear duct tape to wrap a 4 yr old's present. 

Judge me. 

I had no other choice. 

So that tape is actually AWESOME for wrapping presents because there is just about zero paper movement and the dispenser won't let you lose that sticky part of the tape.

I'm putting on the finishing touches and doing that last nice neat and boxy fold over (giving myself a little pat on the back for how good it looks) and I panic yet again because I think:

"Oh I wonder if I took the price tag off. And I just wrapped this present in duct tape so there is no chance in the world of my being able to check without tearing the whole thing up"




Next birthday party is 36 hours after this one so I have ample opportunity to get tape or just take off the price tags... 

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  1. Haha, I totally get you on the tape-panic! We roll similarly when attending birthdays. Wrapping happens before we get in the car. I have had many a tape-panic moments. I also have a similar panic when I give up on the tape and go for the gift bag and have a can't-find-the-right-color-tissue-paper panic.

    1. Nice! I probably should keep some tissue paper around as to avoid my panics!

  2. Hahahah! My brother is famous for "wrapping" his presents entirely with duct tape. In fact, when he ships me presents for the kids from Amazon, he orders a roll just to make sure I do it in his signature style

    1. That's fantastic. Sounds like something my brother would do!

  3. I shouldn't giggle, but I can't help it. I've so been there! did the unwrapping go? Was there any 'present opening panic'? :-)

    1. Oh the tape was no match for an excited 4 yr old little boy!