Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Oreos, Triple Carts and BandAids

Back at it again… 

--- 1 ---

Let's just kick this one off by saying I'm at least a week behind plus I want to catch up on the DC trip before the beach trip so there is some blogging to be done. Also, I am reading Graced and Gifted… It is fantastic

--- 2 ---

Triple cart? 

Yes please. 
--- 3 ---

We have been fattening up the squirrel population in the backyard. It is so funny because it seems around 6 every night, one squirrel pokes his nose near the door as if he's waiting for us to toss him some stale chips or moldy bread.

We usually do because the girls get a kick out of watching them eat. However, the are some turkey buzzards hanging around a few house down so the squirrels better have their game face on.

--- 4 ---

The cure for a thumb sucker...

Bandaid sadness

Bandaids on the thumb that they usually like to gnaw on through the night.

Mean? Cold? Heartless?

I think not!

Our girls suck their thumb only at night or when they have their NiNis. The dentist thought it would be a good idea to just take the Ninis away at night. Dude, horrible idea. That is cruel. So, I came up with (as I am sure hundreds of other mothers have) putting a Bandaid on the preferred thumb. Actually I only was pushing it with E because I think she could handle it but R saw the Hello Kitty and Princess Bandaids and HAD TO HAVE ONE TOO.

Except she didn't realize I was not going to take it off. If she elects to have one, she's got live with it. She can choose to have it but once it is on it's on for the evening. The first few nights she excited got her Bandaid out with E and wailed in her room once she realized she could not suck her thumb. Now, after about a week we've been tear-free

--- 5 ---
On to happy topics… Like Oreos for babies!

See I told you I was not a mean mama. Even though M only got the cookie side of the Oreo I definitely think I could be in the running for mom-of-the-year.

--- 6 ---

Why give a 10 month a massive Thermo cup? 

Because they are the least leakiest cups around and most in destructible. In fact last night M through her cup to the floor in her impatience and the lid broke off - which was the first time a lid has ever done that in 13 months of using these cups (but Papa just popped it back on so it was fine). Plus the cups are insulated so the milk stays cold in case the cups happens to not make it into the fridge a school 

--- 7 ---

On a final note, let's talk about crazy drivers. 

A. Pretty sure I see someone who blatantly runs a red light AT LEAST ones a day. Seriously the RMT PD should give me a side job

B. Construction workers ZOOMING through the neighborhood when there were (30 minutes before) kids on bikes… This brought Mama Bear Kibbe to her feet and she MARCHED right down to the house they were at and had some words with the guys who cannot spare a FEW EXTRA SECONDS for the kids of our neighborhood. SERIOUSLY, I don't care if her just had a guy walk off the job and he's having a bad day. It'll be a MUCH WORSE day if a kid gets plowed over. K thanks...

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  1. Thomas is 5 and just quit thumb sucking only because the dentist promised him a toy. My other kids took pacifiers and never sucked their thumbs. I will take pacifiers all the way- they can be taken away!!! Good luck

  2. Ha we used to buy like, an extra 20 minutes at the dinner table by giving John Paul an oreo - he spent FOREVER eating those things! Sadly, the girls just cram them in their mouths, so we stopped trying :P