Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Five Favs - First Day of Preschool Checklist

Everyone else has gotten their first day-o-school pics and posts pounded out… Here goes an eve of one of two

1. Bookbags = check

Notice R's will not be in action tomorrow but it is an exciting addition on our coat rack… (side note for anyone who cares - totes go to MMO; book bags go to 'class' - just so there is differentiation in their minds)

2. Snack made the night before = check

Because I can set the standard overly high for the first day and crash and burn by the end of the week and be throwing snack together during breakfast and wondering where the cups are as we are walking out the door.. that's me every day EXCEPT tomorrow (and maybe Thursday for R's first day)

3. First day of school breakfast = check

Tradition in our house I make breakfast. Me being totally on top of my game actually realized we were low on flour and purchased some today. Hopefully pancakes won't be nearly as messy as last year's waffles : ) #kitchenawesomeness

4. First day outfit = check

With a coordinating bow… Again I'm lucky to get a bow once a week and towards the end of school once a month but we're ready for tomorrow.

5. Homework = check

So E got some homework at Open House. Put (only) four things in this little bag and be able to share them with the class. E was not really sure about what to take so it has been a hot button issue all weekend. Goggles? Necklace from VBS? Legos? Have all be tossed around but she decided on

1. A seashell
2. A rock
3. A piece of plastic cheese
4 A plastic hamburger patty family picture

I SPECIFICALLY printed a family picture (since we have about none in the house) so that she could bring it to show her class her family - and also so the teacher know that we actually put some thought into this bag because seriously? A plastic hamburger patty????

Papa got a sneak peek at the stuff and he noted 'Hey that looks like Sonic the Hedgehog on the bag' and corrected him "No Papa! It's Dora"

E is so ready to get back into preschool. She has been talking about it for most of the summer. Tonight I was brushing her hair and we were talking about her new friends but she was very happy that 'her lovely Landon, who was in my 3-yr-old class' was going to be in her class and sit next to her… but she still wants to marry Harrison - as of this afternoon.

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