Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's that time of year...

We dusted off the cleats and found our shinguards and got R some socks and shinguards and even got a new ball.

E is in the 4-5 age group and R is along for ride and the jersey and the occasional kick to the goal - but it is SUPER funny because she is way into practice. Her favorite part is when we all come together and shout ALLIGATORS! She reminded me at least 3 times that we needed to say "Dragonflies" - that was our team from last year. 

Also E is already planning for the next season. She wants to be the Pigs and have pink jerseys. I keep on trying to tell her pigs are not vicious enough and pink is not fair to any boys on our team. She is not quite convinced.

This season should be fun. The boys on the team are super into playing and running and scoring (and tackling each other and wrestling the ball away from each other - we have some tactical improvements to make : ) The girls are a bit timid at first but they do actually run after the ball and try and get in on the action - I am excited for that. 

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