Monday, September 22, 2014

Recent Happenings 'Round Here

Yes it has been awhile since I posted so here's what's up…

This summer I have been 50/50 on having E rest. Sometimes she can work on her workbook other times she can play upstairs and other times she must rest. One afternoon it was entirely too quiet upstairs and so I called for E and nothing. Ran upstairs to find this. Checked in Papa's office. Ran back downstairs to see if she opted to rest on her own. Nothing. My heart maybe got a little nervous.

So I went back upstairs and did some searching to find this...

Sigh of relief? Yep… And while we are on the topic of sleeping… 

Goodness she loves her Papa!

At the beginning of summer I knew it was going to be a long summer of semi-napfilled afternoon… enter Pre-K workbook. It's about 500 pages of coloring letters, shapes, numbers etc. I thought it would take E into the fall. Well turns out she was super into it and finished 100 pages in the first week. She did settle down and finished in early August. 

I told her if she wanted to finish the book and pick out a reward she had to diligently do each page (not overly scribble scrabble) and write somewhat legibly. The prize of her choice new markers. Oh man. Those last few pages of correcting 'not-so-diligent- work were challenging but the day the markers showed up - E thought it was all worth it. So what's she working on now? The Kindergarten workbook. 

If that book had cutting and gluing on every page she would have finished it weeks ago. Also, if I could teach this kid to read by cutting stuff out she would be reading novels. Any good cutting and pasting your way to reading activities? Anyhow, she claims she wants something Frozen related once the K workbook is over but she has got some time before that happens : ) 

M is finally out of the infant carrier and into E's old carseat. E got a new one. I installed E's (zebra) and left R's (pink) where it was. For arguments sake I wanted to see if you could fit 3 Britax (yes they are the most massive but considered some of the best) carseats across the third row of el Odyssey. Yeah… That would be a definite negative. I did manage to fit three across the back once but only one was a Britax. Good thing M is rear facing in the second row… 

About little M:

She would love to pull up on everything. Except she doesn't. Though she did pull herself up on the little bottom bunk in the girls room yesterday - much to E's delight - and then proceeded to fall off the other side. Much to my heart stopping moment of fear I kept the - I told you this would be a not so fantastic idea - speech to myself. 

Why is Minnie by the garage door? Because a certain 4 yr old left her for show and tell. And let me tell you, we talked about show and tell the night before and what she was bringing and the day of and please put it by the door so you don't forget it and EVERYTHING. Well 2 minutes into the drive I said… So, do you have your show and tell? {insert wailing and tears and screams} 

Fortunately there was enough junk in the van she had a run of the gamut for options but it was tough forgetting show and tell (for the first time). Apparently the point was not completely driven home because the next day she walked out without her backpack and we got to school and we were hopping out of the van and she looked at me and said 'Where's my book bag' I said 'Did you remember to bring it'

Oh the tears started welling up and the thought of no snack was going through her head. I let that soak in for a minute and asked her if she was moving to fast and why she was not being responsible for her stuff. But then, being the reasonable mama I am, pointed her to the back hatch of the van in which laid her book bag. Let's just say it has not been forgotten since. 

Oh and M is into everything. She especially loves her big sisters toys - the Duplos are some of her favorites. E is not overly happy about the occasional M invasion and R is usually on board with E but sometimes R is super sweet to M and gives M her Nini and piles up a bunch of stuff for her to play with. 

E's godfather gave her a 2 wheel scooter and E happens to think it is fantastic. She still cannot figure out the whole balancing thing but E at least feels like one of the big kids. R is still quite skeptical of the 3 wheel scooter… 

Oh my goodness. R has some of the best 2 yr old expressions… EVER!

She thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake :  )

E and I hit up the HT for a few items after she went with me to the dentist. Gosh she is getting so big and super fun to be around. We hit the samples but the cookies were gone : ( 

This made me smile - 

M almost fell out of the stroller leaning over trying to reach the ball she dropped… 

Finally…. Mexican caldo. Seriously. If you are sick you need some. Thank goodness for Nani who brought me some last week. I have this super annoying head stuffiness that I cannot kick. Hopefully a fews days of salt water will cure that… 

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