Saturday, September 27, 2014

Living Life With More Joy

I struggle with doing things joyfully… Especially when there are little people involved… I read a quote (which I wish I had taken a screen grab of) that was something to the effect of - we need to be joyful warriors in this crazy world - (hopefully I can find the source). 

Instead of focusing on the beach being kind of a bust (well for me because there was not 24/7 beach time); we'll focus on getting to spend time with my parents and Uncle Kev and getting to go to the beach for a few hours - just enough to get a lite sunburn : ) . 

We are happy for the AWESOME weather we had for our first soccer game this morning and not on the fact that the Alligators could probably use a few more practices. But seriously I think our team had a fun time overall.

We can have fun in Wally World even when we look like this:

(M's the odd ball out in her non-soccer-wear; so we looked really cool matching, promise)

Seriously, it is the little things.

We were the only people on the bread aisle (which we went in circles looking for) and I revved up the cart and ran down the aisle. Seriously all the girls were cackling and I couldn't help but smile. We 'went fast' a few more times as we were checking out and in the parking lot. It was such a small but JOY-filled moment I cannot describe.


  1. Perfect reminder for me. I often lose sight of those little things but they really make life sweeter.

    1. I find it easier to do the little things like run down the aisle at Wal-Mart, if I am having a rough time. I get happier and (usually) so do the kids!