Sunday, January 11, 2015

7QTs - Kicking off 2015

Coming out of blog hibernation... 

--- 1 ---

This is how we celebrated New Years... five hours early : ) 

--- 2 ---

New Years Day we went over to my mother in law's and made the world's best Brunswick stew. Two pots of it. If we didn't have day jobs we probably could make this stuff for BBQ restaurants because it is so good : ) 

--- 3 ---

We are warring with all of the kids stuff and where to keep it because they have a habit of making a mess and then going to another room and making another mess. I think we've contained it to their room now by moving their kitchen in there plus giving them a bin to keep all their animals. We will see how it goes. We don't have a dedicated playroom though we could upstairs but then M would be left out of the fun. Any good ideas for containing kids messes? 

--- 4 ---

I went shopping for some new brown boots last week. Not a good idea to go shopping for those while wearing a skirt. Plus the ankle holes? are huge! As in twice the size of my ankle. I realize that may be the style but really I like my boots tight on my leg. Needless to say I left empty handed and will be hitting up soon. 

--- 5 ---

Seriously? Seriously! I've gotten two trial packs of formula in the past several weeks. So maybe this formula people have looked at our track record and assume there is another baby here but there's not or maybe they know something we don't. Though every other person I know on FB is pregnant it seems... 

--- 6 ---

Because this random blog post would not be complete without a random nice sunset pic, right?

--- 7 ---

You know you have a house full of girls when... 

You wash about 15 pairs of tights a week

You hang up more dresses than other clothes that go in the dryer. 

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