Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Theophany Stockings

Some people leave their shoes out (I think?) for the Wise Men to fill them with treat on January 6 but in the East we celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord... Which has absolutely nothing to do with stockings but you know that's how we roll. 

After surviving a lengthy vesperal Liturgy with the Great Blessing of water we hit up Chik-Fil-A for a quick festive dinner. M was the star of the show as I think she drank the most Holy Water at church (because she liked drinking from a regular cup) and at CFA she spilled R's milk (thank goodness it was not E's because then it would have been a problem). 

We've had our stockings up since a few days after Christmas Day. Lee got the hooks and rope and I think it looks awesome. I cannot wait to get everyone a cross stitched stocking... One day. 

Now we really don't need anything. Especially after the generous Christmas we had but we don't 'do' stockings at home. So the finale of the 12 days of Christmas seems like a good time to 'do' them. 

Last year we didn't do stockings for a variety of reasons... New baby and no stocking hooks and rope but I did have ornaments to fill the stockings so this year I had a bunch... 

M got her First Christmas ornament even though it was her second

I told the girls that even though the ornaments were in their stockings they are family ornaments. However I knew a war might break out over two ornaments so I gave myself an Elsa ornament and Papa got the Olaf ornament in his stocking. Those were definitely the favorites and most talked about : ) (good thing they are family ornaments)

And just like that... it was over. Next year I don't know if we'll do ornaments again. We certainly don't need any more candy or sweets so maybe it will be back to the shampoo and toothpaste and stuff... 

We might be singing a Christmas carol or two until February 2 because I don't think we've quite gotten our fix : ) 

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