Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Overheard Around the Casa

Lots of random quotes, a few random pics... I probably could write these weekly but I won't torture you that often...

{One of the more pleasant conversations with a random guy that leaves me at a loss for words}
Random Guy on plane - So how old are your kids?
Me - Four. Two and one.
RG - So what happened to 3?
Me - …

{Trying to understand how a man thinks...}
Me - Well if you are going look don't buy a new washer too because that works fine. Only the dryer is dying
Lee - But I like matching sets
Me - But you are afraid of twins?
Lee - Hopefully they are not in my genes
Me - But twins have absolutely nothing to do with the man
Lee - Well hopefully I married the right girl who doesn't have twin genes
Me - But you like matching sets?

Lee - Sounds tragic
Me - It's not tragic
Lee - Well it's tragic
Me - A plane crash is tragic. Eating too many Oreos is just dumb
Lee - I was trying to pep you up, Chicky

Me - I did not realize how many women in the Old Testament were barren
Lee - Yeah almost every key player was from a barren womb
Me - I guess we're not going to have any key players then
Lee- Yeah, I guess not. Maybe we'll have some on the 2nd team


{post rest}
Me - How was your sleep?
R - …. Where Papa?
Me - He's upstairs… 
R - Oh
{five min later}
E - ….
Me - How was your rest?
E - … Where's Papa?
{feeling the love}

What other condiments are the sea creatures interested in?

Swim Teacher - What did the fishes say underwater? (because she was trying to get them to put their heads in)

E - Is egg-nut a state?
Me - No
E - Why?
Me - It's just not
E - But Florida is???

She's currently wanting me to take pics of 
EVERY SINGLE Lego creation

E - Elizabeth… lemons
E - Mama, Llama
E - Rebekah, Leka
E - Monica, Honica
E - Papa, Wapa
E - Mama, Kama

E - How does a baby get in your tummy?
Me - God puts them there
E - Mami, during circle time for prayer request you know…
Me - … No
E - I prayed for a baby boy

When your neighbor gives you a Chocolate Lava Crunch cake 
you realize you have AWESOME neighbors

{failed efforts at delaying bedtime}
E - Mommy I had a bad dream
Me - You haven't fallen asleep yet
E - But I had one and it was scary
Me - Well what was it about?
E - Umm... I can't remember

{First time being served uncooked spinach}
E - I'm not eating leaves
Me - It's spinach
R - I eat my trees
E - But they are so leafy!!!!!!!

Getting marching orders

Me - Our behavior at church tonight was pretty good.
R - Meeeee? I get dessss-ert
Me - Well R, it was good. You need to work on being obedient
E - Like a beaver - I focused on the task at hand
Me - No the beaver taught us about being diligent, not obedient
E - Oh, we have not learned that animal yet
Me - Oh don't worry we will get to that character quality too

{Always on the look out for good letter of the week words for circle time}
R - Soccer ball! that's an EE word!
Me - No those start with two different letters
E - Woman at the well is two W words!

Goodness I love them!

R - I don't like buggies
Me - Do you like fire ants?
R - ... Yes! I can step on them!
Me - That's not a good idea. They might bite your feet
E - Not if you wear shoes
Me- One bit me last year and I was wearing shoes
R - Meeee tooooooo. My ant hill!!!!

{This is what happens when you have girls who love listening to and singing church hymns in Latin}
R - What's La-tin?
E - Well... It's something you don't understand, and you don't understand but you keep listening and then you learn the words. What's Latin?
Me - It's another language

{in my hoodie and tights while trying to manage breakfast clean up and teeth brushing}
R - You look pre-tee
Me- Thanks R, I'm not done yet

R - I like you
Me- I like you too!

I be mad at you too M if you keep sneaking up this bed!

{talking to M who was holding a book}
R - Yoou can'T eat dat….
R - I be mad
R - Youuu.. can't eat dat

You'd like our neighbors too but we are keeping them FOR-EVER!

Me - What should we read tonight?
R - The Grunch
Me - What???
Me - Oh The Grinch?

Me - Who are you thankful for today, R? 
R - Mmmmm… Jesus, Mair-we, Ladin. 
Me - Latin?
R - Ladin
Me - AnyONE else
R - Ummm… The Sh-perds

{because Build-a-Bear t-shirt look weird?}
R - Look!
Me - What?
R - Someone's undies! I think they Audrey's (her real live friend from down the street) 

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