Saturday, January 10, 2015

12 in '14

I made a point to post family pics or pics of all the girls. I realized I have a tons of posts that I never did like R's birthday, E's birthday, beach trip, fair trip etc... Maybe I'll get around to those one day. 

January was the start to an eight-week-long snow adventure. Every other week it seemed like it snowed and in NC that means that everything doesn't function well for a few days. E and I enjoyed a few sled rides and R was just generally too cold to play too long and M only came out for the photo opts. I am so glad we have new neighbors who the girls will LOVE playing with (if it ever snows this winter) 

February - Was more of the same snowy, cold weeks. We celebrated R's 2nd birthday?!? and it was warm enough for them to play outside. We did escape to SC for a little reunion weekend (that makes Lee's side of the family sound massive but really it was 15-ish people) with Lee's family. That was lots of fun hanging out with aunts and uncles and cousins. The 4 hr car ride was another story. 

March - Pascha was super late this year so Marti Gras was too. I think the party at my mom and dad's was March 1 so just squeaking this in here. Lent went really well. We did Presanctified Liturgy (our church) once a week and Fish Fries and Stations of the Cross (local RC parish) every week. It may have been exhausting but draining ones self during Lent is a good and necessary purge. We had fun eating all things green on St. Patricks Day! I think we got our last snow in March which meant no excuse for school to be close and no more snow cream : ( 

April - Lent ran into April which meant church activities plus soccer. We hit the field for another season as the Dragonflies. E scored her first (and second) goal in one game and I swear she jumped over the moon she was so happy (and I may have gotten teary eyed because I knew she had been trying for 3 seasons!). We survived Holy Week and Pascha. Pascha was super cold (please note tights and sandals). 

May - E wrapped up 3 yr old preschool and we signed her up for 4 yr old preschool in the fall. We celebrated E's 4th!!!!!!! birthday!!!! M still came to work with me as she loved napping in the morning especially in the darkness of the bathroom. I am so grateful for my boss and coworkers (especially the ladies) who graciously let me bring my babies to work and monopolize the women's bathroom. There was lots of playing outside this month. Papa (thankfully) was really busy at work so we went through a little withdrawal not seeing him in the mornings but tis the pool season you know! Oh and we had a snake in our garage!

June - We went out for dinner for Father's Day. I think it was our first dinner out as a family of 5. The girls did awesome. We played ALOT in the sprinkler this month. 

July - We spent 4th of July at my MILs pool and had a pool party and E has been 'planning' the 2015 pool party since December. If you missed the best 4th of July cake ever that Grammy made then you had best check it out because it was GORGEOUS. 

August - We trekked up to DC a week earlier than normal for our good friends baby's baptism. We met up with our doppelgänger family up there which was awesome because trying out having 3 sets of twins ages 4 and under makes life with 3 kids seem totally manageable : ) 

September - We were not having our house ripped apart which was a good thing! E started school. R started school. M started Mother's Morning Out. We went to the beach with Grammy, Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kev. The weather was less than fantastic but we still talk about it like it was the best thing ever so we were grateful for the opportunity to play in the sand for a few days

October - We visited the pumpkin patch a few times and we got into the groove of school again. We have met and enjoyed playing with our new neighbors and we even went trick-or-treating with them - hopefully that will be a tradition that we will continue. Despite the fact the girls are so scared of their little dogs going outside is always a waiting game as to when they will come over!

November - M turned one and we are still wondering how that happened! We had a good crowd for her party and I still need to work on my party hosting skills so hopefully I will improve them for the 2015 round of birthdays. We did our standard Thanksgiving run down to Southern Pines and race home for another round the next day. 

December - We made a point to rock out Advent and I think we did it with good success. The girls and I made pound cake for the first time and it was disastrous event to remember. We went to the school Christmas program which was hilarious to see R protest being on stage. And we finally decorated the tree

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  1. You guys are so cute! What a great year :)

  2. Hi Joanne! I had to come check out your blog and you have the most adorable family. My oldest 3 are girls and I love it. They are wonderful friends (most of the time) and great helpers too. Looking forward to checking in with you. Is the Ukrainian Church different from the Roman Catholic Church? The church pics are so beautiful! What a blessing to have a husband that is a deacon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I wonder sometimes when there is intense fighting and screaming if they'll ever get along for more than 15 minutes but I know they will eventually!

      The Ukrainian Catholic Church is under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope is our Pope but we have a different hierarchy of bishops. The Latin Rite (which is most prominent in US and Latin America and Europe) has a tree of bishops branching down from the Pope; as does the Ukrainian, Melkite, Maronite Rites - there are 23 (I think) rites of the Catholic Church and we are just one of them. If you have never been to a Ukrainian or Melkite Divine Liturgy I would highly suggest going just to broaden your perspective on the Church. There are a number of Orthodox churches that are not under the Pope but the Divine Liturgy of both Orthodox and Eastern Catholics is nearly the same.

      We like to say the Church has two lungs - an East and West - and in our family we like to breathe with both - though we lean heavily on the Eastern one. For example during Lent we'll go to Presanctifed Liturgy at our church but then we'll also go to the Fish Fry and Station at the Latin Rite church here in town.