Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Did you really just say that to me? Edition

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa the random dude on the elevator...}

{At a plant fertilizer and nutrients conference; this is crucial background info to the awkwardness of this conversation}

Random Guy in Elevator - I see you've had enough fertilization.
Me - Yep
Guy - I can't believe I just said that
Me - Yep
Guy - You gotta admit, it was funny
Me - ...

--- 2 ---

Dear Feet - Let's be friends again. Those shoes from Monday were totally rocking and could possibly be my new favorite shoe because they were insanely on sale from Aldo and they are super cute and way comfortable and I can rock them preggo-style no problem-o BUT this is contingent on the fact that the blisters on the back of my heels toughen up and get with the program!

--- 3 ---
Ignorance on the airplane... Seriously this woman stood in line for the restroom (that was empty) for a solid 5 minutes. Also, what is the deal with people who do not listen to the announcement "Please turn off all electronic device..." and CONTINUE TO read your e-reader or work on the laptop. Finally, I think that airlines should make people take out earbuds/earphones during take off and landing because those people totally are listening to music.

--- 4 ---
Glad to be Home - I am not a great traveler when it comes to freaking out about stuff. I get overly nervous about life. I am not afraid of flying or anything I'm just a hot mess for about a week before leaving. But fear not, I am back and better!

Enjoying the walk home

--- 5 ---
Another Rental - ??? We are thinking about another rental house sometime in the next year. Kinda not into the stock market so we need to find somewhere to invest. We'll shall see about that!

--- 6 ---
How about I go to check and see why R is still not asleep after 45 minutes of jabbering and chattering in bed... The girl does not even see me because she has got her head between her legs getting ready to somersault. Yeah... she is AWESOME!

--- 7 ---

E- I'm gonna learn how to swim
Me - And swim on the swim team like Mama?
E - Yes and wear a fancy bathing suit.
Me - Great!
E - Where's you fancy bathing suit?
Me - I can't wear it anymore
E - Well Uncle Kevin wears fancy undies...

{I promise I did NOT tell her that the weanie-bikinis were 'fancy undies'. It was either Grammy or she concocted the term all on her own. I guess now Jammers have replaced the weanie-bikinis}


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  1. Ohhh that first quote is so awkward! SO awkward!

    1. Errr... yeah. Someone asked me if my husband was the random guy on the elevator... unfortunately NOT!

  2. I LOVE reading the words of kids. Seriously, nothing funnier ;) I also love those shoes! Blisters sometimes are well worth it, am I right??

    So nice to "meet" you! You have a beautiful blog!

    1. Thanks! Some of the things that kids say make me do a double take and start laughing twice as hard!

  3. ha! I would've GLARED. because I'm the meanest human on EARTH. You're a saint. a SAINT.

    (um re: #1!!!)

    1. No no... Not true. The only reason I was not glaring pissed is that it was a business conference and I did not want to stoop to his level of inappropriateness for work. If this had been random guy in random non-business setting I think the comment would have warranted a different response. Like the kind of response I want to give women who come up and start touching my preggo-belly. Here let me rub your non-pregnant belly and see how you like it!

  4. oops I commented way earlier but it didn't go through -- maybe you don't realize you have word verification turned on.

    1. That's annoying...totally fixed it. IDK what the deal was!