Friday, July 17, 2015

7QTs - Peaches, Last Swim Meet, Shoe Shopping

Alive and well... 

--- 1 ---
The blog is due for a beach trip recap but for now... 

I washed a ton of sandy clothes/bathing suits on Saturday because I am 100% against doing laundry at the beach. 
--- 2 ---

After church on Sunday we patronized the Farmers Market which was a zoo at 10:30 in the morning. E and R got some cookies which I didn't even see because I crashed into bed as soon as we walked in the door (I think the beach trip caught up to me) and M made out with 2 free flowers from one of the ladies selling flowers because she was insanely cute sniffing them. 


--- 3 ---

The girls are very inquisitive about how the new baby is and when she (because boys are too rough) is coming out and where will she (yeah their sold on a girl) and 'what if we had 4 boys and 4 girls and how would we fit into the van' (that would be a please ask papa that question) etc etc... 

They were trying out 5 'kids' in bed before rest one afternoon 

It was actually much calmer than I expected with 3 (actual) kids in bed. They were so stinking cute. 

--- 4 ---

I'm going on a work trip (insert sarcastic eyeroll from my dr) and I needed some dressy sandals for the meeting so I think these are the winners... 

However, Aldo does not sell 10.5 size shoes and the 10 boots did NOT fit in the winter so I just had to size up all the way. I got 5 pairs of shoes and they were all a bit looser than I'd like but beggars with big feet cannot be choosers and they were on super sale so I settled. 

Papa doesn't understand the way I show shop. He asked, "Why don't you go to a shoe store?" I tried explaining that I had and I don't like it (aside from the fact I get my big size shoes ON SALE on-line so.... on line and return to store it is) 

--- 5 ---

This is what we got at the Farmers Market. 

Many peaches so I could process and freeze them...

For those smoothies that I am planning on impressing upon my peeps come school mornings. The peaches were super tasty so I am hoping that they'll be tastier (and cheaper) than the store bought frozen peaches.

--- 6 ---

And the summer weeks would be incomplete without a swim meet... (the last one as I cannot justify driving 45 minutes to next week's away meet so the girls can swim for 30 seconds and then driving 45 minutes home - maybe next year)

The cheering skeptics... 



I got a wave : ) She won't do that forever so I was super happy

M's first (and last) swim meet experience

She was a trooper but she wasn't terribly happy about being there either

Just wait until next year when I bring my real camera... 

I still cannot figure out how much she can swim by herself

R could not be coaxed to jump off the blocks

She thinks she's big stuff but not pictured is her getting carried (literally) the last 5 yards because she was D.O.N.E - but don't worry she still chose a blue ribbon!

--- 7 ---

Then E and R raced off with Papa to the last day of VBS and M and I were left to our own devices. So I let her in the big bathtub by herself. And then I went back to the kitchen and turned around and BAM M was there... (not the first time one of our kids has gotten out of the bathtub by themselves)

Evidence of bathtub escapee. I think she was bored and didn't know what to do in the tub without some siblings to entertain her!

Then I put her in bed and I took a gloriously quiet, uninterrupted, leisurely shower. 

Also, in other weekly self-revelation news:

A. SO grateful for the sacrament of Confession and while I kinda dread the thought of going, I always feel so refreshed afterwards.

B. Pregnant + Hot + Hungry = Me in a state of being that is not at all nice/normal/healthy - upon remedying the latter two states of being with a good blast of AC and a huge grilled ham and cheese sandwich, protein bar, peach and grape CapriSun (yup stolen from the girls stash - don't judge : ) I was back to my normal reasonable self. It was such an out of body experience so lesson learned... Snack often and maternity jeans are for the birds but I can't/don't want to wear shorts to work so I'll roast for a few months more! And it will all be worth it come October

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