Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Day of Epic Laundrying

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I set myself up for some seriously Saturdays of laundry because I cannot wrap my head around doing laundry during the week. Inevitably I'll leave the load in the washer for more than a day - which especially over the summer - is a no-no because then it stinks and requires another run in the washer! As I was typing this post I found a lost load'o'wash that had been in the washer since Monday!

Some Saturdays are easier than others and other Saturdays are like this one:

Pre-wash-day scene... pretty typical that there are clothes piled up around the sink which are the extra dirty needing to be sprayed 

Load #1 - Bathroom mats

Load #2 - Our sheets

Load #3 - Kid sheets - these could and should be done more often

Prepping vinegar water for soaking

The bathing suit that is pink but really should be white because it never stops bleeding

Papa's extra dirty work clothes

Pen + smocked dress = NEVER COMING OUT!

Kids getting in on the laundry action!

Load #4 - Ninis - again these SHOULD be washed more often but sneaking them away is tough

Load #5 - E and R pajamas - it is so much easier keeping M's clothes separate but I've combined hers in the mix the past few times and it is not terrible plus I need to get used to it

Load #6 - E and R clothes

Load #7 - M clothes and pajamas

It soaked for at least 4 hours

Courtesy of Grammy

Remnants of the presoak for Load #8 - and that darn thing bled on the mesh part of the drying rack!

Load #9 - This shirt had grease spots on it and the spray my MIL gave me to take out grease works great but it stinks and it stays in the clothes that it is washed and dried with

Load #10 - Me and Lee's delicates... This is probably 2 weeks worth but come the winter this is a weekly load

Load #11 - Me and Lee's regular clothes

Work clothes have been soaking all day so no presoak necessary on Load #12

Gag! The water smelled TERRIBLE!!!

Load #13 - Pool towels - hello summer!

Load #14 - Okay these bathing suits are just rinsed because I am way lazy like that!

Load #15 - Assorted regular clothes and stuff that did not make the cut the first go around!

I didn't make 18 loads like I did the last time I actually counted the loads but I have a feeling come December or January with a new baby plus school clothes that will have to be washed I could give it a good run. Can you imagine if we cloth diapered? Yeah... I'd need about 70-80 diapers because they'd only get done once a week!

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