Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fantastic Questions on this Pregnancy

Reflections on being pregnant at a male-dominated industry business meeting. I was there 2 years ago when I was pregnant with M and while I missed out on a super awkward situation this time - there was one that still makes me laugh... 

I'll note the person other than me as RG (Random Guy) just to keep things easy to follow : )

General surprise on my shoe selection:

Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't rock some great wedges. Really I'm less inclined to wear these around the kids because I would be tripping over them. 

RG - You have how many kids?
Me - Three and this one is number four.

You may pick your jaw up off the floor now... I'll wait

RG - Wow, You've got your hands full?
Me - Yes I do

Well yes I do, I certainly do. But let's remember my husband's got his hands full just as much as I do (maybe in different ways but just as equally responsible for the kids) and honestly we wouldn't have it any other way.

RG - So what's this one?
Me - We don't know. We've got 3 girls so I think only a boy would surprise us.
RG - Three girls????
Me - Yes three girls.

I had nearly this exact conversation with two different people. Are three girls really that unbelievable?

RG #1 - Winston Churchill said four kids is the best number.
Me - Why's that?
RG #1 - One to replace you, one to replace your spouse, one to grow the population and one just in case.
Me - Hahaha... okay.
RG #2 - Well who's to say she's done after four?
RG #1 - Your done after this one, right?
Me - We are Catholic
RG #1 - Well what does that mean?
Me - I'm just going to leave it at that
RG #2- It means their leaving it up to God
(Raised brow)

Preach on RG #2 who happens to be a preacher. Thanks for diffusing that one so I didn't : ) I have no idea if the first statement is actually true. Also, it is worth noting that it was said there were 2 men at that meeting who had 10 kids each. I'll bet there is not nearly as much discussion surrounding the number of kids each of them has BUT I'm in it to win it - so just keep the conversations coming : ) 

{upon realizing why I asked to not have my wine glass filled}
Waiter - I'm sorry I didn't realize you are conceiving
Me - (Nod and look away and bit my tongue)

Yeah, neither did I. In fact I think the conceiving happened a few months back. Gestating - yes. Conceiving - been there and done that. Let's stick to - I didn't realize you are pregnant - if you must verbally express your surprise. 

RG - So this is your first, second, third,
Me - Fourth.
RG - Fourth? God love ya


RG - So is this your first?
Me - No the fourth.
RG - Fourth? After we had our second that was it. How old is your oldest?
Me - Five.
RG - Five?
Me - Yes five
RG - Well God bless you 

Yes we are so very blessed and we hope God will continue to pour out His blessings on us in whatever form that may be. 

As for now, I feel blessed to be back home safe and sound.