Saturday, December 19, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Ticking the Tocks to Christmas

Dear Life - I love you. But you are absolutely crazy... 

--- 1 ---

Just a small reminder that reasoning with a 2 yr old is basically impossible... 

I couldn't even tell you why she was mad

Parenting 2 yr olds can be super challenging... 

This concludes the PSA reminder

--- 2 ---

Our 5th week of Advent activity... 

They unwrapped 6 bags of Hugs

Which is a HUGE help

Furthers proves my point that I'm OCD about some things? Anyhow, they were way good and we gave them out as teacher gifts and will be giving them out to neighbors/friends this week coming up. 

--- 3 ---

I also made pound cake sans kids because they are a bit of a distraction... 

I definitely underestimated the amount of flour we had but was able to get 2 batches done with no problem. The biggest limiting factor in all this is the time it take to bake. With the double oven and eight mini loaf pans I get one batch done in about an hour. And I don't just happen to have 5+ hours to allot to baking all the necessary cakes so... I divided it up. 

Cutout paper to fit bottom of pan, spray Pam to make it stick = the only way to do it

This year I was so bound and determined to not have an experience like I did last year which makes me look super crazy but I blogged about it anyway so everyone can have a good laugh. 

Then this was the scene at 5:30 in the AM. I woke up at 4 and knew I had a shot at getting 3 batches in before school so I was game. 

BUT I forgot to check the pantry and realized I only have enough sugar for one flipping batch. So at 4:45 with one batch in the oven I scurry off to Harris Teeter for some sugar and sour cream and chips (for E's class party the next day). The store is quite quiet at that time of day : ) 

Now I remembered to take off the paper from the cake this time but I didn't do it on my previous two batches and I was super bummed because I really wanted everything to be perfect. And then I got to thinking, how not cutout I am for this line of business - especially after my brilliance from last year. But I am slowly figuring all this stuff out. Similar to the way I think about this whole motherhood journey. I make mistakes daily but by the grace of God we are still here and, while not perfect, it's a heck of a ride. 

Enough of the philosophical stuff. Lots of flour...

18 eggs

That could have made a lot of some really good whip cream.

40 mini loaf pound cakes ready to vacant my freezer

--- 4 ---

This was the funniest part of my week for sure.. 

I let the girls decorate and address their teacher cards. That meant writing a list out for E but R needs a bit more direction. Well I was feeding A and in order to avoid a 3-yr-old screamfest Lee was roped into helping. It was the first time (I think) that he's hands on helped a kid with writing. Somehow both E and R ended up left-handed and he and I are both righties. When he first got ready to help R start I seriously looked at him and asked how in the world he was going to help her and see what he was writing. 

For whatever reason it was the funniest thing to me and there was belly laughing and tears by the time he was done helping her with the eight cards. 

The writing wasn't fantastic but as he would say - your handwriting isn't anything to jump up and down about Chicky! 

--- 5 ---

As if that wasn't enough excitement. This was the week of both Christmas programs on the same day. 

After a play-by-play plan of attack was sent out, Grammy and Grandpa Joe came to our house and helped us get out the door. This was a time that E legit couldn't find her shoe and we were late and there was crying and yelling and then it was under the couch. That's how the night got kicked off. Then Lee and Grandpa Joe stayed with R at her program - and it was reported she did awesome!

Grammy and M and A and I shot over to E's school to save seats and we were there 20 minutes earlier than the 45 minutes early the kids had to be at the school and we were still fifth in line for seats (in the little church basement). We ended up in the perfect spot - though it helped I knew where to sit because A and I stuck around for the dress rehearsal that morning because I wasn't sure how he'd do and I didn't want to miss it. E did an awesome job on her speaking part and I think I grew a grey hair or two being nervous for her - because I'm a worrier like that. 

--- 6 ---

So we survived the double header programs like champs so everyone celebrated with class parties later in the week. 

Somehow I didn't end up with a pic of E dressed for her party but indulge me for a moment and then you might know why... 

Friday should have been textbook easy. R and M didn't have school and were staying home. I had to help with E's party and the ONLY thing I had to bring was chips and dip. I got the sour cream the day before and I was set. Friday was the only day I could figure out how to fit in the van oil change (because I was 2000 miles overdue : ( ) So I'm rushing to get everything in the van and ribbon on the pound cakes and stroller in the van because that carseat is KILLING my back and Lee says do you have everything you need? Yep I got it all chip, bowls, sour cream and mix. Drop E off at school, race over to the dealer, think it would be wise to get gas because the van is reading about 15 miles left but I'm late for work so I'll just get it later, drop off the van, take the shuttle to work and realize as I'm getting out of the shuttle that I left the chips and bowls on the counter in the laundry room!!!!!!!!! 

What the what. 

The shuttle driver calls the dealer to see if they can move up my appointment time so I have time to race home to get the party supplies - oh and Lee is in Raleigh getting our Christmas tree and stuff so it's not like he can rescue me. 

After checking out at the dealer, I get in the van and I see there's only 6 miles left until empty (and that's only a suggested empty amount right?). There is no gas station on my way home and I don't have time for a detour. I make it into the neighborhood and I'm on 2 miles. I start thinking to myself - okay who can I call if I run out of gas on the way to the gas station. I come up with a decent list, get the chips and bowls and shoot off. Only to be realize I've hit: 

Before I leave my neighborhood and the gas station is a good 4-5 miles away. 

Take a deep breathe and start praying..

Fortunately the story doesn't get any more dramatic than that. I make to the gas station and to the party on time. And for whatever reason I managed to not get a pic of E : ( 

--- 7 ---

Not to just totally nix A from the blog...

Thanks a lot kid

Our boy!

The load of boy clothes I never would have imagined I'd have to wash. 

Last night Lee and I went to a kid-free Christmas party. E and R were at Grammy's and M was with Jibbe. A tagged along because he's not on the bottle using train quite yet - he was fine though. This morning I woke up and there was light coming through the shades and I thought something was wrong. Then I remembered 75% of the kids weren't in the house and the baby was sleeping. Getting out of bed at 7:45 has never been so peaceful 

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