Saturday, July 8, 2017

7 Quick Takes - Swimming, Kissing, Stitching


On Saturday most of us took one last dip in Jibbe's pool... 

The infamous rock that the kids love and moms worry that kids are going to slip down

Lee even got in the pool (mostly because I couldn't)

A has really warmed up to the pool and M still isn't a huge pool fan

I couldn't convince her to dive of it 

A is so so so so so big 


The big girls headed to the beach on Sunday so most of the week it was just A and C...

This is A's version of giving C a kiss (the only person he will kiss)

It looks like he's going to lick an ice cream cone

And then he's super proud of himself and he moves so fast I can't get a clear picture


A was treated to not one but two of Papa's big machines sitting in the yard... 

(yes it looks like a car lot sometimes)

Papa was fixing some rain drainage issues and A was very excited to have a front row seat :  )


Just to prove my point about how big A is... 

I'm glad he'll actually sit with C... I can even set her in his arms for a second 

Happy 4th of July!


In the big girls absence I found myself with a little extra morning and evening time on my hands... 

So I finished all the cross stitching on M's (yes I'm that behind) stocking. Onto backstitching which doesn't seem like it should take forever and forever and hopefully it won't. I've got A's waiting in the wings and I've got time to decide what I want to do for C


A mirage on the way home from the beach?

This oasis of a playground was stumbled upon on the way back from the beach... A and C were troopers because they ended up being in the car for about 5 hours round trip. The big girls were antsy to get home but when C piped up after about 4 hours of not eating I knew we'd have to stop. And we did right at this park on the outskirts of Goldsboro. I'm going to have to save this one for future beach trips when little legs need to get some energy out or babies need feeding in the parking lot while the big kids play on the playground 


Thursdays during the summer = sweltering swim meet

This girl just got upgraded to 6 and under 

Because she swam her lap by herself

She'll swim on an outside lane next week just in case but.... 

Let's discuss just how excited she is!

Mom, why do you always have to take my picture? 

C survived the swim meet too. And so did M who has come to realize that swim meet = snack time

Onward and upward, Happy Weekend!

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