Monday, July 31, 2017

7QTs - Consecrated Cathedrals, Lots of La Croix, Krazy Kids


This is how you go shopping with five kids... 

At the check out a supervisor handed me my (discounted) gift cards and asked if they were all mine...  I was like yes, I just bought them. She meant the kids, not the gift cards (which I didn't realize until after the fact)

It was a dicey time to go but laundry duty called and we left the house at 11:30 

Sample Saturday for the win and half of the kids lunch was taken care of 


Sunday we hit up church in Rocky Mount because Lee hadn't served here in forever. I don't miss the hour drive each way and it made the following Sunday drive seem a bit longer. Also, since we didn't have to spend two hours in the van we hit up donuts after church because, well that's what people do after Sunday Mass, right? 


Papa opted for a non-messy donut for A who wasn't pleased with his selection. E and R aren't into having their pics taken at the moment but they were thrilled for post-church donuts. 

I will say the kids did surprisingly awesome at Mass. I was in the second to last pew with C, A and M. R was in the next pew up with a family friend and E was in the choir loft because she loves to sing and we have an understanding music director. A only got upset after communion and kept charging down the center aisle to see Papa. He also thought it was hilarious seeing E in the choir loft (who was doing her fair share of making herself visible to him!) 


I took ALL the girls to the pool... 

C slept and ate

I got in the pool (oh pool how I have missed thee) and M got in the shallow end without her puddle jumper - which required extra eyes on my part but she did fine. It was BLAZING hot so we only stayed a few hours 


Which was good because we got home and it started to thunder and then by dinner (hello London broil cooked to perfection on the grill) it was raining 

And after it was a super loud storm. A enjoyed watching the rain and listening to the booms of the thunder - he clapped and did his happy feet. While the girls huddled up on the couch terrified of the storm - it was quite loud and the lightning was electrifying. 


My PSAs for the week: 

This is why I use Honest diapers at night... I don't change diapers in the middle of the night - which is debatable I know. But the Honest ones are much more absorbent and don't stink the next morning. What does stink is having to strip your bed and mattress pad and do wash on a random week day!

I confess, I have a La Croix water addiction. 

HT had them on eVic last week and between my four and my mom's four I think I'm good for a week or so. 

If you find yourself at Target looking for toddler underwear don't look in the kid section. Toddler underwear is in the BABY section. I legit thought that there was not 2T-3T boys underwear for several hours and then I thought I was crazy for thinking that boys could be potty trained before the age of 4 and the underwear makers were trying to tell me something. Turns out I just didn't know where to look. Friends help friends navigate Target!


So A is really cute... but that is nothing new

He has a thing for our neighbors chickens and he loves to go see them and point at them and check them out. LOVES IT. 

He also loves visiting that neighbors house and going in and eating all sorts of foods he'd toss on the floor at home. I'll fight you for my neighbors :  )


In exciting news of the week...

Papa, me and C went to the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral consecration (they called in dedication but I think consecration sounds better). There was a moment that really struck me in the THREE hours long Mass - maybe I'll write about it later

C and I camped out at the end of one of the pews. Lee got to sit with all the other deacons - and everyone noticed him in the procession in and out because he sticks out like a sore thumb with his super cool Eastern vestments. 

Evidence... He processed in and out with all the other deacons but he's kinda hard to miss

Once it was done. I was done done done holding C. I had basically held her for 4 hours straight because we got there early (which was good because the clergy had special parking and we took one of the last not-really-a-parking-spot spots AND we were there an hour before!) Plus I left the stroller and carseat in the van because hello 2000 people. So I gladly passed her off to the guy in the cassock for a bit of father-daughter time

Anyhow, I hope I have the time to write about the Mass in depth. I would now but I'm afraid I'd run out of time and not post and I have a post to catch up on from the week before soooooooo.... later.

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