Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Week in My Life - Wednesday

Just another wacky weekday...

A has a bad habit of pushing M off the stool when they brush teeth. A loves to brush his teeth so he lingers for a while and I hope he doesn't dapple in the sink too long. 

On to bigger an better things all before 7:15... The Amazon Subscribe and Save box is always loads of fun. M usually tries to rush upstairs so she can play with Barbies and Legos with E and R. 

E and R and me are warring over their room and putting stuff away and keeping it halfway straight. There are usually pajamas on the floor and hangers from school clothes on the beds. Usually I try and turn a blind eye to it but this morning it was particularly bad. I make them clean it up before our prayer time and that's always met with a cheerful face and immediate compliance... NOT

E is usually the last one out of the house. She lingers and complains about packing up so thank goodness for long range garage clickers to prove my point. 

When I pull into the office after doing the morning shuffle I'm met with my lovely reminder of things that need to be taken care of... Please see Tuesday as another example. Plus the dirt on the dash would also remind me the van had not been cleaned since we got it in March (which as since been remedied) but a clean car often takes the back burner.

C wasn't so sure about her first bounce in the door jumper. She's so stinking cute and she may drive me a little crazy, I know what a blessing it is to be able to have a sidekick at work. 

Once the pick up and lunch shuffle are complete, C and I sit down for the afternoon work session. She really needs to get on the bottle program but I'm not up for the fight because breastfeeding is much easier for us. 

E has a slightly later than normal swim practice so she and C and me head out and leave R and M to their own devices upstairs and Papa and A knee deep in Legos and books. 

After E and I eat our late dinner it is time for the Jesse Tree - hello Advent! I really love the visual reminder of Advent thru the Jesse Tree. Our activity for the week is packing Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes so more on that later. 

Sometimes I wonder, and I often pray about the faith of our kids. I hope that we as parents are doing our job of passing on the faith to are kids well enough - though we often fall short. I hope that when they get older and look back, they'll remember doing the Jesse Advent for Advent or eating dirt and worms for the birth of John the Baptist or eating white pizza for the Transfiguration. I really would like to make it a priority of picking a feast day or a saint each month and doing something that helps teach us something about that person or that feast. Fortunately I don't have to recreate the wheel, we just have to pick something and implement it. 

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