Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week in My Life - Monday

I didn't get the memo about Week in My Life because, well you know how I roll; so I have no pics from this day (as in ZERO) but it was the same old crazy.

We made it out the door in a timely fashion. Oh it was raining too that always makes things interesting. The cold and rain made for drop off line at school so that was A+ because I have a terrible habit of running my mouth after prayer line. So the little kids were at school super early (as in one time) and I was at work earlier than normal - more like my winter normal time : ) . 

Lee was home for lunch because he was prepping for his test the next day - trying to get the final answer on this diverticulitis. It is always so great to have him home for lunch! I left and picked the girls up from school because he wasn't sure if he could make it. Having to stop everything and leave to get them ( only with C because the others were home asleep with Lee) is a bummer - but I did it because a family goes out of their way to help us, so I really try and pick them up if it is all possible - aka not waking up the littles. Having to load up everyone during nap to do pick up would be a major bummer. Making runs to school for pick up make me SO grateful to the families who bring home the girls. SO GRATEFUL. Gentle reminders of how blessed we are to have such a support system.

Then it was not long before E and C and I loaded up to take E to swim practice. I brought my cross stitch that I am working on for M and made very little progress thanks to the fact that C woke up not long into practice. I need to get back in the pool and Papa needs to get C on the bottle train. I miss swimming in the mornings but HS swimming takes over half the lanes in the mornings and sharing a lane with the 5:30 am crowd can be a little... ehem... slow.

Anyhow.... home home home.... but just for a minute because I have to run to the HSA (PTO/PTA - whatever) meeting at 6:30. I drop E off and stay just long enough to get A upset with my departure. I roll into the parking lot and score a front row space in a packed house. Sweet!

Then I walk in and I look at the clock and it's a solid 6:30 but everyone is already seated and intent on what is being said. Check with a parent and come to find out the meeting started at 6 and not 6:30 - that explains why there were no stragglers in the parking lot with me!

Anyways, story of my life. So annoying. I guess my kids will have to wear half their uniforms tomorrow since it is a dress down day for meeting attendees and I only made it to half the meeting! Give my quick update about our big fundraiser that is not going as well as I hope and then call it a night.

Come home to find E on the couch doing homework - which works out swimmingly especially when trying to write sentences. She's tired and needs to go to bed but likes to knock out all spelling HW on Mondays.

Then C and I retire and that is about it. 

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