Friday, October 26, 2018


This is us

We saw the animals before we hit the rides

We went to church Saturday evening so we were at the fair by 9:30 and it was still pretty busy


C lived in the stroller and did quite well for the duration of the trip

A enjoyed the swings with Papa

R did NOT want to ride the swings because #badditutde

She did want to ride the ferris wheel which I HATE... but i took them

It was cold

And scary... but we survived!

Not long after that we hit the circus which Lee claims would have been better if I had not been holding C or trying to eat the Italian sausage thing that I was given and don't like... Dear Lee, Please do EVER get me Italian sausage again. I don't like it and it brings back memories from a terrible first trimester meal from year ago. 

We had to burn up some more tickets - we preordered this year and we had twice as many tickets

However, after the circus the the fair was really busy. 

For our last hoorah... The big girls and I rode the sky ride

E rode by herself

Papa and A and C went to go wait in line for NC State ice cream. 

We made our way after the Sky ride and gracious it was insanely crowded. SO CROWDED. 

Campfire Delight, Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip

It was so great

Enjoyed by all 

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