Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloweening - Happy and Homegrown

Pumpkin carving with power tools

Breakfast for dinner

Boo! We found pumpkin molds at Lidl 

Tug-o-war with an extension cord 

Ballerina (who was supposed to be a mermaid - but let's not go there), a cow, Cookie Kookie, Trixie the Halloween Fairy and a pumpkin

C wasn't having her hat

One more time

I put some spiders in our candy bowl that NO ONE touched : ( 

Pumpkin with heart eyes? Only with a dremmel 

We did a drop and walk in the neighborhood across the way. I think it is the perfect combo of stopping at houses and walking and chatting. Not a fan of driving kids around house to house - make them work for it!

C was laid out in the wagon 

A got tired

C at our last stop

The loot



I think he probably licked every piece as he put it back in his container

C only got one treat. It is probably one of my most favorite treats. Can you find it? 

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