Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The current goings on around these parts:

E - school, swim, pretty standard operating procedure. She's been super helpful around the house... loading the dishwasher, giving A a shower for us last night

R - school, tee ball (rocking it out), reading (rock on), swimming (just started and supposedly loving it), first grade is bringing out the best in her except in the math department (thanks Common Core) 

M - school, soccer, sickie - as of yesterday. Tiny Tim came out and has been endlessly watching Lego Friends on the iPad, desperate to start the Reading Book but I'm not quite ready

A - school, soccer (hilarious), semi-interesting in pottying, busy as can be, paw patrol loving, sneaking cake with Mama at lunch time - LOVE HIM

C - warring over NOT putting hands in the dishwasher and NOT putting hands in the toilet?!?!?, like seriously child, the TOILET is GROSS and yes we happen to forget to close the lid and close the door to the bathroom but for the LOVE of good things keep your nice, pretty clean hands OUT of the toilet. 

Papa - maybe work is slowing down?, bible studying, state fairing (with us this weekend), Lego coaching, deaconing as usual 

Mama - working, trying not to yelling, soccer coaching, swimming - on friday a few other moms are swimming in a relay. I'm super excited and kind of nervous because when's the last time YOU dove off a swim block? I got our team cap (since I'm the brains behind this operation) - which I have modeled for the girls and they think it is hilarious. R asked me today - SO MOMS CAN RACE?!?!?!?!? 

Yes R, moms can race and moms want to win. 

More on the relay later. 

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