Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well well well, E and went to work this week as usual. She was sporting the new fall clothes that Jibbe got her because it has gotten to be quite cool here during the day and especially at night. Today E had a super BLOWOUT of the year. Natalie and I were working as usual and E was doing the normal poo-face thing so I let her finish and then I went to change her diaper and Natalie's face said it all and then she said "OH NO IT'S DRIPPING!!!" Fortunately Natalie with her childrearing brilliance said we needed to put E on the newspapers as to not get everything everywhere in the office and that was ever so smart. We got E all cleaned up in no time and all the poo in the trash! I am so thankful that I can bring Miss E to work with me and I have such amazing co-workers (Ms Natalie in particular) who is so brilliant when it comes to sticky/stinky situations.

Let's see what else is going on. The cool weather is definitely making dressing the Bibita a bit more interesting especially at night. Some mornings she wakes up and she hands are little ice blocks and the house is only 69... we usually keep the house at 63 during the winter. So I have gotten a few tips from my brilliant sister-in-law; 1. layer the baby up in onesie then PJs and some sort of thing that is like a swaddling blanket accept bigger. I will have to do some investigating and 2. Get a space heater. Hopefully a combination of these options will keep the Bibis 1. warm, 2. happy, 3. ASLEEP - this morning she was up at 5:30 and I think it was because of her cold little hands.

Sometimes when I look at her in the crib sleeping like a good Bibita a just want to snuggle her up and give her a big squeeze. It is surprising how tempting that can be. Lee always reminds me that doing that would not be a good idea and I refrain but still the thought goes through my mind.

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