Monday, October 25, 2010

Morning Time Snuggles

This weekend was not as super crazy as past weekends have been. E was right on schedule and woke up around 6 am Saturday morning. As I blindly made the move to her crib and moved into our room I was dreading being up so early. After E had her fill she went back to sleep. We had a big family snuggle for two hours. It was so nice. Lee had to go to work - did I mention things are soooo busy around Swimworld! He worked until about 1 and then came home and cooked for four hours. My hubs is an amazing cook and anyone who has tried his food can attest to that fact. Chili and some Italian meat sauce were in the works. E loved watching her Papi make food!

Sunday it was off to Raleigh-world for church. We got an awesome surprise by some really great friends of ours. They were in our wedding and they along with their five kids were in town for Liturgy so it was so nice to see them and catch up. Maria is obviously a kid expert so she asked me if I was drinking coffee again (when I was preggo the smell of coffee made my stomach turn). I told her only on Sundays because I had a not so great experience with drinking coffee and E not taking a nap - on Sundays she is usually okay. Well, E must have heard us talking about it because yesterday she slept for maybe 1 hr - her usually is about 3-4 hours of total nap time. Needless to say I will not be drinking coffee again anytime soon. She is such a crabby-patty when she does not nap!

Also, Maria let me borrow her BecoBaby carrier which I think I have mentioned before - is a huge lifesaver. If I did not have this one on loaner I would definitely go buy one and spend 120 on it and not think twice.

To close out the not-so busy weekend we took E to pick out a pumpkin. I think we got a really good deal on it too. It is quite large and was only $12!!! We also took some pics of E in her amazing costume that I have been blogging about. It is pretty ridiculous and she will probably think that we are such crazy parents when we get older but whatever! I'll try and post some pis of that soon...

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