Sunday, October 17, 2010

That's a wrap

I cannot believe it is Sunday night again! Weekends fly with the Bibita around. She had a great weekend! We went to the Hill (that would be Chapel Hill / UNC / Carolina / where I graduated from) Saturday afternoon and Lee walked her around campus while I took photos of Robin and Ed (they are engaged and we are going to NOLA for their wedding in December!) Then she was a supertrooper while we caught up with more college friends for dinner at CPK. If you do not have a CA Pizza Kitchen in your area or have not patronized one, I highly recommend them!

While at the mall we made it to Pottery Barn Kids - I LOVE their baby stuff - to pick up the pumpkin costume. I am even more excited about it now that my hands are on it. We have a photo opt date next weekend. Hopefully we can find a pumpkin patch and the weather cooperates.

This week should be a thrill because I am pretty sure that E is coming down with a cold. Fingers crossed she is not but I am a realist. Lee is headed to the NC Fair but I think we will pass because E needs to get a little bigger so she can appreciate the smells and bells of the fair.

Happy Monday (almost)

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