Friday, October 1, 2010

Four months and checking in... about 20 days late

Today E and I ventured out to the Doctor's office for her four month check up (she will be five months in nine days - that is crazy!). Everything is fabulous! She is right on target for weight and all that fun stuff. She was a super-sport when she got her two shots. Last time she got four and this time three vaccines were combined into one, which I was thankful for.

One question the nurse asked was if we put Elizabeth in the crib and let her fall asleep or if we rocked her to sleep. I replied, "She has been falling asleep in her crib for weeks." The nurse then said, "You know, you have a really smart momma." No I am not that smart I just read this amazing book my sister-in-law gave me about babies and their sleeping habits. Several things to remember:

1. Babies love to know what is happening next - thus a routine at night is crucial. We read two books- A Hide and Seek book then Buenas Noches Luna, E gets her evening snack (she is a big time grazer and sometimes I think that she thinks I am a water fountain), then we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then kisses goodnight, then crib. Sometimes she'll go down without a peep, other nights she'll cry for 5-10 minutes. She'll sleep for about 12 hours - I could not ask for a better bibita!

2. Sleeping is a learned behavior. When babies are born they know how to suckle because they have to be able to eat. Some parents are get to see this on an ultrasound when baby is sucking his thumb but sleeping is different. There are periods or sleep waves so you have to teach the baby to catch the wave at the right time and fall asleep when they are tired. Not to be confused with being overtired when babies will fight sleep.

Okay enough of that! We had a great time at the sale today. Lee cooked on the Big Green Eggs and the food was really tasty.

Enjoy the weekend!

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