Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hungry, Hungry Bibis!

This week we have had super hungry baby issues. E is quite impatient in general and she is even more impatient when it comes to her food. She can thank me for her impatience issues so I think I am becoming more patient with the bibita's impatience. There are several things that I/we use to assist the bibita in her eating. So all you mommas and baby shower goers out there listen up:

1. My Brestfriend - This is very similar to a Boppy Pillow except a lot better - just ask the other Nursing Mothers of Wilson. I must admit the first place I heard about this was on 19 Kids and Counting - this woman knows about good baby stuff. My Brestfriend is much firmer than the Boppy and it clasps together whereas the Boppy does not go all the way around. Also, E slept in the My Brestfriend when she was super little. Kinda makes me sad because she definitely does not fit in it now.

2. Medela Pump Instyle - This is a lifesaver because I can pump and go places and other people can feed the beebster.

3. BreastFlow Bottles - E has loved these bottles since we gave them to her when she was about a month old. Some babies are super picking about their bottles but these have been good for E and she seems to go between me and bottle without a problem.

In other news things around Swimworld have been great! It is the middle of October and things have not slowed down. It would be nice to take a break this weekend but I think there will be some catching up with a number of friends. Having a baby has: 1. made vacations a lot less like vacations and much more exhausting, but totally more enjoyable and 2. made me have less time for staying in touch with friends - which is very important to me.

Here's to parenthood!

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