Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Epic Naps, say what?!?!???

So E has been having a crazy nap schedule the last couple days. Seriously in the afternoons she has been napping for 2.5-3 hours. Awesome, especially at BR Global. I am still kind of in shock about it. Today at Swimworld she went down around 3:30 and we had to basically wake her up so that we could go home at 5;30???

If see what not sleeping in the fabulous pack and plays that I keep at work, E would be in the Beco Baby Carrier that I borrowed from a friend. That carrier is a super lifesaver. The carrier is great because E can be contained at work (and not in daycare...) and she can either sleep or just be happy. And happy Bibis means happy Mama!

In other news, E is babbling a lot more. I keep on Mamamamamamamamamamama and Papapapapapapapap in the hopes that E will pick up on it but I don't know if she's really listening. Also, E is trying to be so big. She was tring so hard to rollover so much... soon very very soon!!!!! I cannot believe that E is getting to be so super huge....

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