Sunday, October 10, 2010

From BHI with love

We just got back from a fun family filled weekend on Bald Head Island! Bald Head is such an amazing place because it is gorgeous and there are no cars - only golf carts. Lee and I were slightly reluctant to take Miss E because one cousin was sick earlier in the week but S was all better and we are so glad we made the trek.

We raced down from the Mount to BHI because everyone has to take a ferry over to the island and it only runs every hour. We rolled into the station at 3:44 and made the ferry with the rest of the crew. E loved laughing with her cousins and riding on the carts. She also got to spend some good quality time with her Papi while Mama did some other fun and exciting things.

Friday I ran a couple laps around the island because my Dad and I are running in the Raleigh Half-Marathon in about a month - I figured that would be a good way to trim all the baby weight. When I got home I realized that I had actually run about 13 miles! Awesome!!! (A half marathon is 13.1 miles) Then Saturday while Lee was home with the two babies (E and S) everyone went to the beach! The weather could not have been better. The boys played football and I buried AR in the sand as a mermaid.

The weekend was certainly a big hit - the food was tasty, Rummy games were fun and we got to see the whole side of the Kibbe fam which was even better. We were sad to leave but we made it home and E is enjoying some time decompressing after the weekend with her five cousins! On to the laundry!

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