Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Take… We love Papa

And here we go

--- 1 ---

Second time the upstairs bathroom has been leaking in the past 9-ish months. Thanks a lot well water

Mental note to Papa… Trying to fix the leak on a Sunday when it has been leaking for the past week= bad plan

--- 2 ---
We have been having Easter egg hunts around here like crazy… And of course the eggs are dusty so they should be washed, right?

--- 3 ---

Fatherly wisdom… {not making this up I promise}

Papa - Cinderella's trailer is pretty
E - Mama look at her trailer!!!

A. Since when does Cinderella have a trailer… That would be a CARRIAGE
B. That's Ariel not Cinderella

Come Lee… Step up your princess game PUL-EASE!

--- 4 ---

R has a newfound skill of talking on the phone (and actually talking back)

She looks so grown up to me! 

--- 5 ---
Strangest sleeping position from that girl!

--- 6 ---
Hubby of the year goes to...

Dishwasher unloaded. Cereal bowls out. Snack bowls out. Pulling away from the house before the sun rises. 

--- 7 ---
I have found that I need at least 45 minutes to an hour each morning to get myself ready for the day. So that means getting up at 6 or before. Its a struggle but it is glorious. I need my caffeination to start before little feet are pattering and little people are needing.

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