Monday, April 21, 2014

And the Baskets were Stuffed on the Table with Care...

As sugarplums… Oh wait… Wrong season.

Okay okay. I know you are DYING for the Pascha post but I have legitimate excuses I PROMISE. Last week was Holy Week plus school was out so I do feel in the least bit of {Catholic : ) }guilt over not posting!

This week, I was going to post a fam-mee pic and link up with Kendra BUT the computer that contains all photos is randomly turning itself off and for some reason does not feel the need to boot up all the way. So y'all are stuck with the Pascha Prep Pics until Papa gets on the ball and digs a few out of the depths of the hard drive.

FDJ (I feel slightly more inclined to call him that when referring to church activities) was at church every waking moment from about Wednesday night until Sunday morning because (he is a rockstar) he was pulling double duty at the Latin parish here in the Mount and our church - as in Saturday 4pm Vesperal Liturgy in Raleigh, 8:30 Easter Vigil in the Mount (roll home around midnight), (leave driveway at 5:45 am) for 7 am Matins + the DL (Divine Liturgy). Okay so not every waking moment but it was ALOT. Which is fine; no whining intended. As he reminded me on Friday after a not-so-holy Vespers of Entombment courtesy of some smaller Kibbe family members - I may have been the one who encouraged him gave him a bit of a holy kick to get buckled down and seriously discern a vocation to the diaconate AND follow through once he began.

Anyhow… are you still reading?

Saturday evening the big girls made cookies with Jibbe but I really did not get any serious packing done until they were in bed - there was bouncing on the beds going on until at least 8:25 {insert annoyed face}. Yep we were only gone for the day but Hurricane Kibbe came through with the normal excessive amount of stuff.

Round One

Slightly OCD? Quite possibly.

Church outfit, bib, sweater, post-church outfit, PJs (extra clothes, diapers already in bag)

Church outfit, two pairs of white shoes, post church outfit,
post church shoes (and you thought I'd forget!), PJs

Church outfit, sandals (yep with tights because it was that cold),
post church outfit PJs (they match R's  to avoid conflict)

Ding… Round 2

Purple is our Easter basket theme… If we EVER have a boy I guess I'll go with blue for his basket: ) 

Puffs because that's what almost 6 month-olds love (or make crazy faces trying to eat)
Everyone else was getting cereal

Fruit Loops
Golden Children's Bible
Sand Pail

Crunch Berries
Book of Heroes
Sand Pail


1. Cereal?!?!? - So we were overloaded with cereal from Sams - Multigrain Cheerios and Frosted Flaked and Frosted Mini Wheats throughout Lent. I told E who begged for more Crunch Berries maybe she could have some after Lent. For the mere practical purpose of not needing more cereal and finishing the old or for the Lenten 'giving something up' even-though-you're-3… I don't know you decide but she was SUPER excited about the Crunch Berries

2. Books??? My mom always did and still does give us books. I got a good one this year (thanks Grammy) but I've got two other books cued up first but I think I can read that one daily. E's book is probably from one of the What You're Reading Wednesday posts and R's book is from here… Not 100% sold on this whole homeschooling thing and not sure if I ever will, but there are some pretty interesting syllabi with good reading suggestions

3. Pail… I've alway gotten them sand toys for their Pascha baskets.

4. Okay NEVER buying them candy for their baskets again because we just don't need it and between the grandparents and school there is too much and then I just eat it. 

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