Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cinco Favoritos - It was nearly sweltering today!

Recent thoughts...

1. MMO Love

There is a little boy at MMO who is a regular like R and they happen to be super great friends. In fact when I go to drop off or pick up R and he is there I'm sure to say 'Hi' to him and he usually gives me a loud yell back. He is such a boy and I love it. Before R found her words she was a yeller too but his is different and it makes me smile.

Anyhow on the way out R and her little friend were leaving at the same time and he gave R a hug goodbye which was really a little side-hug, cheek-bump but it was soooooooo cute and I could barely stand it because it makes me a little teary eyed. Oh the cuteness!!!!!

2. Can I impart my germ-o-phobia on my children?

On the same day of the overflowing cuteness in the MMO room, I was reminded of the 3 yr old craziness in the 3 yr old room. How about all the girls in the class did not get their treats because they were having a scream-fest in the bathroom which also involved crawling under the stalls.


Aside from the fact that my child was participating in the event, the thought of crawling on the bathroom room repulses me to know end. If you have not read Grace's account of bathroom floor crawl-age then head over there for a hot minute because I probably would still be showering myself in bleach. Anyway the loss of treat (I am trying to move our treats/desserts etc to be an all encompassing 'reward') in our house is kind of a big deal and usually will illicit better behavior. However, I welcome teaching moments like this.

E and I were able to talk about making good decisions and bad decisions. We also talked about if we see someone or some people doing something we know we should not do then the best thing to do it to 1. make the decision to not get involved and 2. find an adult so you don't get in trouble.

Makes good sense to me but who knows if it will stick.

3. Preschool-art-love

Me - Why did you get out the unopened peanut butter?
E - Mama I just can't wait
{insert small crisis}
Me - They are exactly the same
E - {Still in tears} Mama I just don't like frogs!
Me - {Note pic of frog on refrig} Why is that?
E - They have long tongues!

4. Church during the dinner hour 

Okay last night at church was probably the ROUGH-EST yet this Lent. Maybe even this year. The general Kibbe antics were raging coupled with M not wanting to sleep - it was less than a pretty sight. In fact, I left feeling really deflated asking myself 'Why bother?' and 'Why did I not just stay at home with the girls?' Having reflected on it over the past 24 hours I have realized the following:

1. My (our) goal in taking the girls to church is this: So that they will love and serve the Lord
2. They are going to misbehave any where; at home, at church, at school etc and the inappropriate behavior needs to be corrected early and often - whatever it is whether it is fighting over toys at home, or not sharing at school or running and stomping around like a herd of hyenas at church.
3. Other people have much bigger problems than how their children act in church

So trying to put everything in perspective. I don't feel bad for myself. I really believe I/we are doing the right thing by taking the kids to church. One day whether it is next time, next week, next month or next year it will be easier. I will continue my daily prayer of asking for patience AND compassion.

5. Very excited about my new read

Four part series on Proverbs 31 and how it relates to good marriages. Thanks IBT and Kimberly Hahn.

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  1. Thanks for the key reminders about why we take our kids to mass. I definitely struggle, especially on days that I forget why we choose to take W to mass, or have (attempt) structured prayer time at home. I have found it a huge help to get a little Adoration time in solo once every so often (like once per liturgical season/quarter), helps me remember that mass is for us to serve rather than just to receive. My little octopus keeps my hands tied enough! I can't imagine what it will be like with three!!!