Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On this week's edition of Lenten antics

Well we trekked out to Presanctified this week. Running out the door in true Kibbe fashion. The girls were crazy in the car and insisted on telling us

E - "Mama we have GOT to get out of this bad traffic"
R - "Bad taff-fic"
E - "This is such bad traffic"

Preach on girls. I don't know how people in big cities deal with all the traffic!

Well the girls must have gotten a lot of their crazies out in the van ride because their behavior at church was angelic compared to last week. Here are the high points

E started off by singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Away in the Manger before church started but audible enough so everyone could hear her. She preceded to ask me where the rest of the Christmas carols songs were in the book. I tried to tell her we are in a different liturgical season but I'm not 100% sure she is convinced.

During liturgy Lee walks around the church and incenses the icons along the walls. R jumping in on the crazy action followed him around clapping at the smoke from the censor and then when he finished came up to me and said "I got it Mami".

To cap off the humorous behavior during the Prayer of St. Ephraim (as she is saying it with everyone):

"Lord and Master of my life spare me from the spirit of indifference, despair, lust for power and idle chatter"

E - Mama this is my favorite!

"Instead bestow on me your servant the spirit of integrity, humility, patience and love"

E - Mama this is my favorite prayer

"Yes O Lord and King, let me see my own sins and not judge my brothers and sisters for you are blessed unto ages of ages. Amen"

E - Mama that was my favorite!

Today was probably one of the more humorous Lenten experiences with the girls. Fortunately I think there were maybe 10 people at Church today so we were not too, too much of a distraction by our preschool/toddler activities. I did get a good chuckle a few times.

I love my kids

They may drive me crazy sometimes

But I would not trade them

For anything!

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  1. Yeah , I wouldn't trade your kids either. :)

    1. Yeah… I kinda like them. And they happen to like their Nani too!