Sunday, June 15, 2014

7 QTs - Fathers Day Edition

Here's to Papa… Reasons why the girls and I love Papa and other thoughts

--- 1 ---

I love that after at 13.5 hr work day first stop is to check to see if the girls are asleep (and they are not) and give them a squeeze and a kiss goodnight. When he is not not home when we do our night time prayers I tell E and R they have to pray extra hard for Papa (and actually they are halfway more attentive). Then we have family squeeze except without Papa. Friday E said she "really needed a Papa squeeze" so we did a pretend Papa squeeze. I'm just glad she really got one when he got home. 

--- 2 ---

For an early Father's Day… Papa took both E and R to breakfast. First he was only going to take E but I reminded him it really was R's turn to go somewhere special with him so instead he just took both!

Then he headed out for a half day of work and then he and E mowed the grass before we all went to dinner. Yup. All of us. To a nice restaurant. Not white tablecloths nice, but we got dressed up anyway just for Papa. The girls had surprisingly excellent behavior. 

--- 3 ---

Both Lee and my dad have this fantastic ability to make me laugh.

{while he's holding M}

Lee - Alright Chicky what's your plan
Me - {continue doing what I'm doing in kitchen}
Lee - What about M?
Me - What about her?
Lee - What am I supposed to do with her?
Me - Keep on holding her
Lee - I cannot do anything when I'm holding her
Me- Okay, now you know what it is like
Lee - No it's different
Me - How?
Lee - You have those Chicky abilities
Me - {raised eyebrow; M is relegated to the swing}
Lee- I going to make some tea... and have a few cookies. That's very English of me

--- 4 ---

See Grandpa Joe can make everyone laugh! 

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

--- 5 ---
R's skewed view of what Papa does all day and why he is not home for lunch

Me - Where's Papa?
R - At Wurk
Me - What is he doing?
R - Playin
Me - With what?
R - Soc-ca ball
Me - Why?
R - Be-tuz

--- 6 ---

{while rocking/talking/singing to M}

Lee - Par-rum-it-dum-dum me and my baby
Lee - I'm a little baby short and stout 
Lee - M when are you going to grow some hair? You just have a fuzzy head now. We could call you Fuzzy.
M - {let's out a cry}
Lee - What is it? You don't want to be fuzzy?
Lee - Chicky! M needs her mama...

--- 7 ---

In case you needed a reminder… These girls and I love you so so so much

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