Friday, June 20, 2014

7QTs - Summer Living

Forgive me readers for I have not posted in five days...

--- 1 ---

Round off the Father's Day wave from last week… I was going to post this but then I realized it might spoil his card. Side note, E 'hid' his card in the hall closet then Saturday Papa found it and was really confused but E was thrilled to have the card 'hidden' from him.

Okay so I got this overly mushy card, right? Wrong. I'm not too much into the mushy gushy mainly because I'll start to tear up reading them and the last thing I need is to have that happen. In public. As I am reading 15 different mushy cards.

Anyways I found this card and there was a bible verse in it. Now if you can understand one thing about Lee it is he is a student of the Bible. He reads commentaries, writes homilies (sermons for all my non-Catholic peeps), he can recall passages and explain them in ways I cannot understand soooo… point of my story is I thought I'd be nice to give him a card with a Bible verse. I really did not think twice about the translation the card company (Hallmark ehem) was using. Then I got to signing it and for kicks I thought why not check the translation for the one Bible we are reading out of (I'll bet you we have 4-6 different Bible translation here - so we are a cross-referencing family you might say) and maybe cross out what's in the card and then that'd be funny and Bible humor Lee can appreciate

Well, then I opened up to the verse and BAM… talking about chains and stuff and then I was not so confident in my Father's Day card humor plan…


--- 2 ---

Days of summer consist of sprinklers and sandboxes and swings. R still cannot be persuaded to go in the sprinkler and M contently swung in the swing for over an hour the other day

--- 3 ---

Pretty sure all the winged creatures of the neighborhood are descending on our house.

The number of dragonflies and bees and flies and things that buzz in our ears is pretty stinking out-o-control. Or at least I think so. We have not been stung yet. 

--- 4 ---

This one's for you Nani

So the big girls climbed up in the tree house to slide and this rock comes flying down at M and I get up to get vicious and realize it was not a rock. 

But indeed a frog that almost landed in M's lap. As in the frog that was a likely prey of the snake from a few weeks back


Not even lying. EVERY single time I open the flipping door to the garage I pause before stepping out. Listen for the slithering snake noise. Bolt to the van to get whatever and run back inside. OR if I'm loading up the van with my peeps or getting home from school with my peeps I carefully scan the area in the garage where the snake was.

I wish I were kidding. 

--- 5 ---
I've been mulling a pile of blog topics recently. But clearly I have not followed through. Top topic is…

To Disney or Not to Disney?

Pre-thoughts to the topic?

--- 6 ---

Remember when our insanely professional weather gauge said it was minus four? Well this is what it said Wednesday:


--- 7 ---

I got nothing else so I'll close with the way some humor courtesy of Lee's diaconal counterpart who preached last week:

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit
Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad

Oh and might as well throw this in because every time he brings it up I cannot help but laugh:

"Holy P.O.T."


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  1. Oh man that translation in the card makes me want to vomit... Yikes!

  2. Eeeeep! Those are worst kinds of frogs....they stick to you with their toes....ahhh....

  3. Replies
    1. I'm teetering between Disney and Assisi… Lee is not though and he votes non-transatlantic option