Monday, June 2, 2014

Recently - In Photos and in Overheards...

{These are way random and are totally unrelated}

A few pics from puzzle night

R is not too into puzzles at the moment

200 piece puzzle

Done. A bit past bedtime

R - I no-noooo
Me - Why?
R - I no-nooo

E - What was that?
Me - I hit a tree in the road.
E - Are you going to hit on another tree?

Need to recap E's 4th bday… It was great

E - Can I borrow R's Cinderella pajamas?
Me - No
E - Why not?
Me - Because you can't share clothes until y'all are in high school!

Me - R, why did you go pee-pee in your pull up?
R - Be-tuz
Me - Because why?
R - {pauses} I play sak-her. I play sak-her

Papa-daugther date at the baseball game
E - God has a plan for me, because He loves me and He made me for great things… (repeat x100 at 6:30 in the A to the M)

R - Skitter-mer-ring-key-ding-key-ding-key-ding Skitter-mer-ring-key-doo I LOOOOVE MEEEEEE!

E - Here R, do you need a Philippian?
R - Naww
E - You need to eat a Philippian!
Me - {laughing in the front seat}
Lee - Did she just say Philippian?
Me - Yes
Lee - Like the people from Philippi?
Me - Maybe she's getting confused with filberts

While E and Lee were at the baseball game… R and I enjoyed straw-beee-ries and cream

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